Sahil KOLB s assignment
If I place score grades on different words been Provided, then the best scores are in Scale AWE and CE, on the other hand, the least scores are in OR and AC. Furthermore; after subtracting AC by CE and AWE by OR, results are -3 and 11. Therefore I fall in a category of Assimilates who instead of feeling, they think and then apply their strategies. Basically am a visual and creative learner because of the fact that can learn things easily in a visualized Surroundings instead of more theoretical, I prefer o observe things and then learn and apply in future. M always been keen interested in involving myself in creative task because I can explore my talent in more Better way. According to Kola's Learning Model, have random abilities such as Abstract Conceptualization And Reflective Observation that means I learn things which are based on particular concepts and observation in a reasonable and logical way. I think that the best way to learn is through concentrating on lectures because We can observe various concepts and moreover by involving our self in ample number of task, discussions, Projects As per KOLA'S CHART, I being as assimilates who is more closer to Converge and Diverged because as we Know that in diverged, they also has qualities of reflective observation in which, they prefer to watch and learn through discussing and brainstorming but as compared to assimilates they always feel instead of thinking. Apart from diverged, assimilates is also close to converge, who also share abstract conceptualization; that means, they also prefer to think instead of feeling. Converges also believe in learning skills through Motivation and concepts. But converges always prefer in doing instead of giving priorities in observing things. They also believe in pursuing learning skills through lectures, projects, papers etc. Furthermore; According to the results, I being as assimilates is totally against Accommodated because of the reason that they prefer to learn through feeling and doing. Moreover they also have abilities of concrete experience and active experimentation which are not included in Assimilates, as they believe in thinking and observing things instead of feeling and doing. Apart from that, Somehow Assimilates is inter-related to converge and diverged , as they share some abilities During their learning. Assimilation's are less interested in doing things without observing them because of the fact that they want results accurate and logical, so that they can easily understand things in a shorter time. All in all; according to my past academic records, I learnt things more logically, visually and through auditory Skills. I feel that I am more present-oriented who can explore easily through guidance and motivation. Whenever observe things from more visualized environment, it helps me to understand in more practical way.