Role as a Teacher-Leader or Teacher-Researcher? ( feedback to peers)
 Guided Response:   Learn your classmates’ posts and reply to no less than three of them. Add to their reflections by making connections or solutions. Share particular examples from your individual private experiences.   David Possibility B: Based on Lieberman and Miller (as cited in Phelps, 2008), what are the three principal roles of instructor/educational-leader? For every function, describe your individual management capability. Which function suits you the most effective and why? Which function is most international to you and why? Based on Lieberman and Miller (as cited in Phelps, 2008) emphasize three roles: advocates, innovators, and stewards.  To me, it's laborious to separate these three into particular person facets.  I really feel somebody who advocates for his or her college students, and others can also be a steward of them.  Advocates voice their assist of others and present assist, whereas stewards are taking care of others and displaying assist.  When innovation, it's half and parcel of being a part of a telecommunications business.  We're at all times on the lookout for progressive methods to go coaching to others, enhance our talents, and supply higher buyer expertise to these we serve.  Whereas I can't level to 1 that appears extra international to me, I can say that I do really feel I can at all times enhance advocacy for people who I'm coaching.  Whereas I'm a agency believer in voicing assist and showcasing successes of these I train, it's nonetheless one thing that may be improved upon — constructing these up that could be down on themselves due to a mistake or misunderstanding.  Searching for these alternatives that current themselves to point out these underneath me how a lot they're appreciated for his or her laborious work in a public setting is an effective way to enhance their self-confidence. -David Reference: Phelps, P. H. (2008). Serving to lecturers develop into leaders. The Clearing Home, 81(three), 119-122. DOI:10.3200/TCHS.81.three.119-122   Bisceglia White Possibility A: Based on Danielson’s framework (as cited in Phelps, 2008), what are the three areas of teacher-leaders’ affect? For every space, describe your management capability. Which space do you see as your energy and why? Which space is your weakest and why? Based on Danielson’s framework the three areas of teacher-leader affect are college large insurance policies and applications, educating and studying, and communications and group relations. For my function in management within the space of college large insurance policies and applications I sit on the coverage council. Our Head Begin coverage council critiques the insurance policies on the finish of the yr and revises the insurance policies for the up and coming college yr. For my function in management within the space of educating and studying I assist to coordinate our PLC. I took this function on final yr as a result of I needed to reinforce my management expertise and assist new lecturers within the course of. Within the space of studying I help new lecturers in educating methods, creating their lateral entry binder or another space they might want. I additionally like to study new methods as nicely as a result of new concepts are popping out each day and I wish to attempt to study new know-how or a brand new means of doing issues. For my function in management within the space of communication and group relations I attempt to attend occasions that Head Begin has out in the neighborhood in order that our program has a presence in our space. I additionally assist with recruitment. The lecturers exit into the group and assist the household advocates get purposes for brand new enrollees. My space of energy is recruitment and communication and group relations as a result of I've been at Head Begin for 16 years so the group is aware of me. I grew up on this group and my mom was a Head Begin instructor as nicely, so It helps. My space of weak spot college large insurance policies and applications as a result of the board solely meets every year and I might do extra to attempt to assist change or replace insurance policies.   Randall Joseph Partee Responding to choice B:  Based on Lieberman and Miller, the three roles teacher-leaders can fulfill are advocates, innovators, and stewards (2004). Innovators are artistic in what they do, they transcend simply ideas by taking motion. Advocates are those that do precisely that, they advocate for his or her college students by giving them the voice they might not have. Lastly, stewards, these are the people in educating who purpose to form the occupation and provides it the place positivity it wants by the outward public, and even perhaps extra so, by these inside it.   From my very own perspective, I can attest to being all three of those, and to not sound cocky, however as a result of I waited a very long time (too lengthy for me) to develop into a instructor and I take nice satisfaction in my job. In the best way of innovation, I wish to put issues into movement and take a look at them, perhaps they work, perhaps they take time, perhaps they fail, however I would not know if I didn't strive. An instance of this might be a classroom cash reward system I envisioned referred to as "Partee-Bucks" this was one thing I made a decision to do once I was instructed I couldn't use snacks or treats, it was a sluggish run to get these in place however now my college students love them and I'd not have the identical classroom setting with out them. As for advocacy, I had a scenario simply at present, a category of mine that has 9 exceptionalities, I needed to see about having a para-professional (pupil aide) made accessible for my youngsters on the events we do written finals; the district advisor to this shot it down through e-mail. I pushed again, route on the behalf of the betterment of my college students, and would not you understand it, I had a para in my classroom at present! For the sake of being a steward, I feel this simply goes with being constructive to different lecturers -not spreading gossip, having fun with my job, and at all times praising my function as an educator to others, which I do. If I needed to decide probably the most international, it would be steward, and solely due to my brief time within the occupation however I purpose to alter that frequently over time.