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Kemalism And Its Peculiarities Essay

Kemalism And Its Peculiarities 1) Kemalism is dedicated to a republican form of government, which they believe will best secure the national sovereignty of the state of Turkey. Kemalism is very similar to the United States government in many ways, the obvious being that they are both democratic republics where citizens elect officials to represent […]

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Islam and Geographic Determinism in Trans-Saharan Africa

Islam and Geographic Determinism in Trans-Saharan Africa The relationship between Islam and geographic determinism in Trans Saharan Africa between 3500BCE to 400CE and 400CE to 1200CE is far from straightforward. As [Module 3] argues, “[t]he appeal of Islam…can be found in an uncomplicated monotheism and in the simple code of ethics taught by the Prophet,” […]

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The Five Pillars of Islam

The Five Pillars of Islam The Islamic religion comprises beliefs and practices which guide the actions and behaviors of the members. Their faith focuses on peace through “submission to God,” which fundamentally provides a clear understanding of their relationship with God. Worship in Muslim is considered an essential aspect of the religion and is encompassed […]

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