Regression Assignment
12.three Becoming a straight line to a set of information yields the nextprediction line:Yni = 16 - zero.5Xia. Interpret the which means of the Y intercept, b0.b. Interpret the which means of the slope, b1.c. Predict the worth of Y for X = 6. Starbucks Espresso Co. makes use of a data-based strategy to betteringthe standard and buyer satisfaction of its merchandise.When survey knowledge indicated that Starbucks wanted to enhance itspackage-sealing course of, an experiment was carried out to find outthe elements within the bag-sealing gear that is likely to be affectingthe convenience of opening the bag with out tearing the inside linerof the bag. (Information extracted from L. Johnson and S. Burrows, “ForStarbucks, It’s within the Bag,” High quality Progress, March 2011,pp. 17–23.) One issue that would have an effect on the score of the power ofthe bag to withstand tears was the plate hole on the bag-sealing gear.Information have been collected on 19 luggage by which the plate hole wasassorted. The outcomes are saved in Starbucks. a. Assemble a scatter plot.b. Assuming a linear relationship, use the least-squares technique todecide the regression coefficients b0 and b1.c. Interpret the which means of the slope, b1, on this drawback.d. Predict the imply tear score when the plate hole is the same as zero.e. What must you inform the administration of Starbucks concerning the relationshipbetween the plate hole and the tear score?