QMB 2100 QUIZ #5 : Business and Economic Statistics I
1. An experiment consists of figuring out the pace of vehicles on a freeway by way of radar tools. The random variable on this experiment is aa. discrete random variableb. steady random variablec. complicated random variabled. simplex random variable2. Variance isa. a measure of the common, or central worth ofa random variableb. a measure of the dispersion of a randomvariablec. the sq. root of the usual deviationd. the sum of the squared deviation of dataelements from the mean3. A measure of the common worth of a randomvariable known as a(n)a. varianceb. normal deviationc. anticipated valued. coefficient of variation4. For a uniform likelihood density operate,a. the peak of the operate can't be largerthan oneb. the peak of the operate is identical foreach worth of xc. the peak of the operate is completely different forvarious values of xd. the peak of the operate decreases as xincreases5. The likelihood steady randomvariable takes any particular valuea. is the same as zerob. is not less than Zero.5c. depends upon the likelihood density functiond. may be very near 1.06. The z rating for the usual regular distributiona. is all the time equal to zerob. can by no means be negativec. will be both destructive or positived. is all the time equal to the mean7. A price of Zero.5 that's added and/or subtractedfrom a price of x when the continual normaldistribution is used to approximate the discretebinomial distribution is calleda. 50% of the realm below the traditional curveb. continuity correction factorc. issue of conversiond. the entire alternate options are right answers8. Bigger values of the usual deviation consequence ina regular curve that isa. shifted to the rightb. shifted to the leftc. narrower and extra peakedd. wider and flatter9. A destructive worth of Z signifies thata. the variety of normal deviations of anobservation is to the correct of the meanb. the variety of normal deviations of anobservation is to the left of the meanc. a mistake has been made in computations,since Z can't be negatived. the information has a destructive imply10. For the usual regular likelihood distribution,the realm to the left of the imply isa. -Zero.5b. Zero.5c. any worth between Zero to 1d. 111. Which of the next shouldn't be a attribute ofthe regular likelihood distribution?a. The imply, median, and the mode are equalb. The imply of the distribution can benegative, zero, or positivec. The distribution is symmetricald. The usual deviation have to be 112. In an ordinary regular distribution, the vary ofvalues of z is froma. -Three.09 to three.09b. -1 to 1c. Zero to 1d. minus infinity to infinity13. The likelihood density operate for a uniformdistribution ranging between 2 and 6 isa. 4b. undefinedc. any optimistic valued. Zero.25