UR 1211L (Medical-Surgical Nursing Scientific) Well being promotion is the act of empowering shoppers to take management over and obtain their optimum stage of well being. Using the matters listed under and evidence-based follow, you'll write a scholarly paper on well being promotion together with the next: · Introduction to the subject (choose one of many matters under) · Description of the illness course of (subject) chosen · Implement four well being promotion measures concerned within the prevention and care of shopper with the illness course of (subject) chosen from the textbook, nursing journal articles, and evidence-based follow, together with complementary therapies. · Analyze how well being promotion can enhance the shopper’s total well being and keep away from issues (embody modifiable and non-modifiable components corresponding to age, gender, ethnicity, and way of life). Make sure you examine/distinction what occurs to sufferers in the event that they implement well being promotion methods and what may occur if these actions aren't carried out. · Reflection on what you discovered from the project and the way it will affect your follow sooner or later NUR 1211L QEP Matter Listing: Endocrine Issues (Diabetes Mellitus) Weight loss program, Foot Care, Administration of Hypoglycemia, Prevention of Issues PLEASE CHECK THIS REQUIREMENTS QEP Paper Necessities: Your paper have to be APA format and a minimum of 750 phrases to not exceed 1000 phrases. Double house your paper and use Occasions New Roman normal 12-point font. Proofread your paper, meet with a writing tutor, and current proof of seeing a writing tutor earlier than submitting your paper to “Flip-it-in.” A minimal of two (2) references have to be used. The 2 references will embody the required class textbook and a minimum of one exterior scholarly supply (ex. journal article), and well being group (CDC, ADA). APA format have to be utilized in citing and referencing sources. -research paper writing service