Psychology: Personality Theories
  Task 1: Tv Character Tv offers us with many attention-grabbing examples of interpersonal and neurotic behaviors. On this project, you'll delve into the life and actions of a few of your favourite tv characters and analyze them utilizing Horney’s coping methods. Curiously, Horney’s three coping methods for one’s neurotic wants correlate very effectively with three of Adler’s totally different character varieties:Horney’s moving-toward technique—Adler’s getting or leaning sort Horney’s transferring towards—Adler’s ruling or dominant sort Horney’s transferring away from—Adler’s avoiding sortUtilizing Horney’s idea of dealing with neurotic wants with three totally different interpersonal orientations, choose a TV program of your selection containing a personality that Horney would establish as exhibiting neurotic behaviors. As you watch a full episode of this present, deal with this character and tally every occasion of moving-toward, moving-against, and moving-away conduct.  Analysis Horney’s idea utilizing your textbook, the Web, and the Argosy College on-line library assets. Based mostly in your analysis, reply to the next:Talk about this character’s neurotic wants and traits.  What do you assume has occurred in his/her life that has led to those behaviors? Along with common life occasions, how has gender and tradition influenced the character’s neurotic wants and behaviors? How do these interpersonal orientations influence the best way this character interacts with others and develops relationships?Write your preliminary response in 5–6 paragraphs. Apply APA requirements to quotation of sources.