Psychology Of Personality essay
FINAL EXAM INSTRUCTIONS: Summer 2021-1 Your Final Exam begins with your completing one of the Personal Assessment tests in your textbook. Choose any one of them you want. Your Final Exam questions 4a, 4b, and 4c will be based on your participation in your selected Assessment. Your Final Exam will consist of 12 items for you to answer: Items 1a,b,c; Items 2a,b,c; Cognitive Theory Items 3a, b, c; and your Personal Assessment Analysis Items: 4a, b and c. To begin, take one of the self-assessments listed in our Burger Text. You will be asked to EVALUATE that test’s usefulness in question #4 of your Final Exam. For some sections, there are specific numbers of sentences requested. You will be graded according both to your content and answers’ length requirements. You may consult your own notes and text, but not share information with other students. Your content will be reviewed by UML's plagiarism detection software. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX *For grading purposes, all papers must be received by the deadline of Monday June 28. You will have 9 days to complete your FINAL EXAM, from Friday June 19 to Monday 28. BEFORE YOU BEGIN: BE SURE TO CHECK THE RUBRIC IN YOUR GRADEBOOK BEFORE YOU BEGIN YOUR FINAL EXAM. SUBMIT THROUGH THE ASSIGNMENT BOX, NOT EMAIL. it will help if you can successfully copy and paste your paper into the Assignment Box, under the link "Write here". Otherwise, post your document itself. Please go to the next page to see your 4 FINAL EXAM QUESTIONS. PSYCHOLOGY OF PERSONALITY FINAL EXAM QUESTIONS (4) TOTAL POINTS=110 Name of student: Date: QUESTION 1 (28 P0INTS) In the space below: 1a. How do Trait Theorists and Neo-Freudians differ in their explanations of Personality? (About 100 words). 1b. What common explanations of Personality do Freudians and Behaviorists share? (About 100 words). 1c. How do Humanists utilize Cognitivist theory principles in counseling patients? (100 words) QUESTION (27 POINTS) In the space below: 2a. How might Behaviorists and Humanists differ in their treatment of anger? (about100 words) 2b. Explain why Freud’s theories are still relevant today? (About 100 words). 2c. What do Biologists say about the importance of 2 topics: genetics, and the extravert-introvert question. (100 words) QUESTION 3 (27 POINTS) In the space below: 3a. From a Cognitivist perspective, explain the behavior of one person you have observed. (100 words) 3b. From a Behaviorist perspective, explain the behavior of a second person you have observed. (100 words) 3c From a Freudian perspective, explain the behavior of a third person you have observed. (100 words) (About 100 words). QUESTION 4 (28 POINTS) In the space below: 4a. Take and complete one I PERSONALITY ASSESSMENT that is in your textbook. Name the test and describe its methodology and assumptions. (About 100 words). 4b. Identify and explain one concept or principle that the test is supposed to measure or illustrate, in words that you think a relative or colleague could understand. (About 100 words). 4c. Rate this Assessment (low 1 to 10 high) for 1. Its Reliability and 2. Its Validity. Explain your answer. (About 100 words). DIRECTIONS: 1. Label the 12 sections: “1a.” through “4c”. 2. Confine your answers to the correct sections. GOOD LUCK! -research paper writing service