Psychology essay
EXAMPLES TO USE (These are just examples of topics) COME UP WITH TOPICS SIMILAR TO THE EXAMPLES Part 1: The qualitative project I intend to write about is generation z are they desensitized or advanced in a social aspect. This topic is something that I constantly talk about with my co-workers as I am preparing to me a first-time mom. I find myself constantly picking their brains on how they think the social aspect of communication effected their kids and whether it is helping or hurting them. RQ1: Has technology crippled the ability to communicate face to face? 1. Is social media creating a false narrative to how life is or should be? 2. As technology continues to advance will face to face communicate become obsolete. 3. Is there a thing as too much technology? RQ2: Do their diverse demographics make them more socially aware? 1. Can being socially aware be mistaken as sensitive? 2. Do other generations have a misconception of what inclusion means? 3. Is there a such thing as too inclusive? My concerns are how well my questions articulate the topic and if the questions accurately represent the point I am trying to make. I do feel like the questions need to be reworded to make them apply more directly to the topic and be more open ended to make them more of a conversation piece versus a short answer. Part 2: I plan to use many of the interview strategies as they pose a better environment for more in-depth answers. The reading this week shows how phrasing a question a certain way can change the entire outcome when it comes to participation and responses. The hardest one for me not to fall prey to is asking why. I see how that can cause people to clam up and stop talking. I need to be able to gauge when it is a right time to ask questions and when to let them finish their complete thought so that I do not miss out on vital information that I could use to further the discussion when it comes to the research. My questions meet the criteria because they are used to gauge how both ends of the posed question. EXAMPLES TO USE I chose Video game violence exposure and its effects on those who play them. Video games, particularly ones that hold a lot of violence within them or are focused on violent events, have been a hot topic over the years regarding their psychological effects on those who play them, specifically children. I still find it to be a fascinating topic as it previous studies have shown negative psychological implications for developing minds that are exposed to these types of games, but even more that I have found throughout the more recent years that show a much different result. It is a topic I would be greatly interested in participating in if the opportunity arose as I feel those who play games can be negatively portrayed due to misinformation. Something that is interesting regarding video game players, is that they tend to have great hand-eye coordination compared to non-players or those who play very little and they also tend to have more strength in their hands versus people who do not (this would be interesting to compare with muscles built by those who are rock climbers!). RQ1-Do Violent video games create violent behaviors? 1. Can playing a video game that involves shooting create the desire to act out these events in real life? 2. Do games with more realistic graphics make a greater impact on psychological impact versus those with more limited graphics? 3. Does limiting the amount of time on the games make a difference in any negative influences? RQ2-Are there any benefits to playing video games? 1. Can playing video games be psychologically beneficial? 2. If they can be seen as beneficial, does it matter what kind of video game being played? 3. Could video games end up being beneficial for cognitive function as we come to an era where our upcoming seniors/middle-aged individuals are those who have partaken in gaming for the last few decades? 4. Part II: When is comes to the interview strategies I would possibly implement in a study like this, I think a semi-structured, paired group sizes, and a mixed category would work really well here. Semi-structured due to wanting to hear these individuals’ points of view regarding their experience in the gaming world and their behavioral changes (if any), while the structure is still there to make sure things do not sway too far from the topic point as some questions are looking for psychological influence directly. A paired group setting for interviews would be great because it gives the participants a chance to talk between themselves about video games and any influence they had in each ones life, allowing myself to find commonalities without the pressure of too many participants potentially influencing another’s answer to any questions in order to fit in. As for category, the chance to interview those from different stages in life and different genders allows for a more in-depth account for experiences within the gaming society and how it has influenced them based on these factors. The questions I have in part 1 should work well with the data I would aim to collect, but suggestions are more than welcome to fine tune them! -research paper writing service