Prosopagnosia Assignment

Please watch the movies:

  • Serving to the Faceblind See (Hyperlinks to an exterior web site.)Hyperlinks to an exterior web site. - Prosopagnosia (also called face blindness) is a situation that refers back to the incapability to acknowledge a face that you've got seen earlier than and will be capable to recall. These affected can learn feelings in a face, however figuring out the individual is subsequent to unattainable with out sure cues.
  • Why Each Face is Unfamiliar  (Hyperlinks to an exterior web site.)Hyperlinks to an exterior web site.- Tara Fall speaks about her experiences with prosopagnosia

Dialogue Instructions: Please watch the movies listed above. Describe the neurological processes which occur with prosopagnosia. What occurs within the mind of a person with this dysfunction? How are blindsight and Anton’s syndrome alike or opposites of each other?

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