Project Topic and Feasibility Paper
QuestionPurpose Assertion and Model1) Within the introductory paragraph, state why the dependent variable has been chosen for evaluation. Then make a common assertion concerning the mannequin:“The dependent variable _______ is set by variables ________, ________, ________, and ________.”2) Within the second paragraph, determine the first unbiased variable and defend why it is vital.“Crucial variable on this evaluation is ________ as a result of _________.” On this paragraph, cite and focus on the 2 analysis sources that assist the thesis, i.e., the mannequin.three) Write the overall type of the regression mannequin (much less intercept and coefficients), with the variables named appropriately so reader can determine every variable at a look:Dep_Var = Ind_Var_1 + Ind_Var_2 + Ind_Var_3For occasion, a typical mannequin can be written:Price_of_Home = Square_Footage + Number_Bedrooms + Lot_SizeWherePrice_of_Home: temporary definition of dependent variableSquare_Footage: temporary definition of first unbiased variableNumber_Bedrooms: temporary definition of second unbiased variableLot_Size: temporary definition of third unbiased variable[Note: student of course replaces these variable names with his/her own variable names.]Definition of Variables4) Outline and defend all variables, together with the dependent variable, in a single paragraph for every variable. Additionally, state the expectations for every unbiased variable. These paragraphs must be in numerical order, i.e., dependent variable, X1, then X2, and many others.In every paragraph, the next must be addressed:< How is the variable outlined within the information supply?< Which unit of measurement is used?< For the unbiased variables: why does the variable decide Y?< What signal is anticipated for the unbiased variable's coefficient, constructive or adverse? Why?Information Description5) In a single paragraph, describe the information and determine the information sources.< From which common sources and from which particular tables are the information taken? (Citing a web site will not be acceptable.)< Which yr or years had been the information collected?< Are there any information limitations?Presentation and Interpretation of Results6) Write the regression (prediction) equation:Dep_Var = Intercept + c1 * Ind_Var_1 + c2 * Ind_Var_2 + c3 * Ind_Var_37) Establish and interpret the adjusted R2 (one paragraph):< Outline “adjusted R2.”< What does the worth of the adjusted R2 reveal concerning the mannequin?< If the adjusted R2 is low, how has the selection of unbiased variables created this consequence?eight) Establish and interpret the F check (one paragraph):< Utilizing the p-value strategy, is the null speculation for the F check rejected or not rejected? Why or why not?< Interpret the implications of those findings for the mannequin.9) Establish and interpret the t exams for every of the coefficients (one separate paragraph for every variable, in numerical order):< Are the indicators of the coefficients as anticipated? If not, why not?< For every of the coefficients, interpret the numerical worth.< Utilizing the p-value strategy, is the null speculation for the t check rejected or not rejected for every coefficient? Why or why not?< Interpret the implications of those findings for the variable.< Establish the variable with the best significance.10) Analyze multicollinearity of the unbiased variables (one paragraph):< Generate the correlation matrix.< Outline multicollinearity.< Are any of the unbiased variables extremely correlated with one another? In that case, determine the variables and clarify why they're correlated.< State the implications of multicollinearity (if discovered) for the mannequin.