Project 1 Management
Undertaking - Paper For the midterm mission you'll watch a number of movies, evaluate and distinction diverse ability ranges of second language learners, and current your findings in a paper and presentation. Directions Watch a number of movies from the next playlist and select two movies of various talking ability ranges. Write a 2-Three web page paper in APA format containing the next: 1. Establish the next language components within the movies chosen: a. bilabials a. labiodentals a. dentals a. alveolars a. palatals a. velars a. glottals 1. Establish the similarities and variations between the 2 movies. 1. Evaluate and distinction the audio system’ pronunciations. 1. Illustrate examples of assimilation, nasalization, or elision. 1. Level out examples of compound phrases or neologisms. 1. Detect examples of perseveration, anticipation, or alternate. 1. Look at some potential boundaries to second language studying. analysis paper writing service