Predetermined Overhead Rate Assignment

14. Which of the next corporations could be almost definitely to make use of a course of costing system? A. Oil refinery B. Hospital C. Film studio D. Shipbuilder 15. The plant supervisor's work is an instance of a: A. Batch degree exercise B. Product degree exercise C. Facility degree exercise D. Unit-level exercise 16. Managers usually allocate frequent fastened bills to enterprise segments as a result of A. They don't want the sum of the enterprise section margins to equal the online working earnings for firm B. They consider this observe will be certain that the corporate's frequent fastened bills are coated C. It's required by regulation D. Not allocating these prices will result in unhealthy choices 17) Alternative prices are me as historic prices A. The B. The identical as variable prices C. Related in determination making D. Not utilized in for determination making

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18) A specific product line must be saved if its: A) Complete fastened prices are greater than its contribution margin B) Avoidable fastened prices are lower than its contribution margin C) Unavoidable D) variable prices are greater than its fastened prices are greater than its contribution margin 19) ABC Firm listed the next knowledge for the present 12 months Budgeted manufacturing unit overhead Budgeted direct labor hours 1,044,000 69,600 Budgeted machine hours Precise Manufacturing unit overhead Precise labor hours 24,000 1,037,400 72,600 23,600 Precise machine-hours Assuming ABC Firm utilized overhead primarily based on direct labor hours, the corporate's predetermined overhead price for the 12 months is: Reply. .