Positive psychology | Psychology homework help


1. What promotes worker engagement in accordance with our authors? What's the significance of psychological capital (PsyCap)?


2. What can people do to boost their very own profession satisfaction in accordance with Donald Clifton?


three. Take into account the 10 qualities of constructive work environments described by Peter Warr. Now contemplate your personal present work setting. How most of the 10 are you able to declare?


four. What's constructive psychotherapy and the way does it differ from conventional psychotherapy?


5. Focus on the vital idea of social contagion and social capital.


6. How is well-being measured throughout cultures? Why do cultures differ in subjective well-being? Why 


7. Go to Link (World Values Survey has many graphs illustrating completely different values and indicators of well-being all over the world). What did you discover there?


And choose two of those to do a assessment on: 


SELECT TWO OF THE RESOURCES BELOW. What did you be taught?

Link (TedTalk: Richard Wilkinson charts the exhausting information on financial inequality, and reveals what will get worse when wealthy and poor are too far aside: actual results on well being, lifespan, even such fundamental values as belief.

Link (TedTalk: Statistician Nic Marks asks why we measure a nation's success by its productiveness -- as an alternative of by the happiness and well-being of its folks. He introduces the Comfortable Planet Index, which tracks nationwide well-being towards useful resource use (as a result of a cheerful life would not must price the earth).

Link (Building in Happiness: How Values and Culture Matter)