PHRM3032 Article Assessment Task Description 2020
PHRM3032 Article Assessment Task Description 2020 Assessment Learning Objectives: 1. Discuss the main components of the Australian health care system (structure, financing, hospitals) 6. Contextualise the role and profile of major professional organisations in pharmacy and the (6) 7 Community Pharmacy Agreement (7CPA) 7. Demonstrate awareness of the contemporary developments in pharmacy practice Due date and submission: Wednesday 7 October 14:00 via TurnItIn on Bb course site File name: Please label your file like this: PHRM3032_Surname_Student ID_Topic Marking: See marking criteria. Word limit: 1000 words +/- 10%. Please include your count under the title. Please note that titles and references are excluded from the word count. Referencing: Cite all sources in a reference list using the Vancouver reference style. Task: Write an article discussing ONE recent development in health with a focus on pharmacy. It might have occurred because of COVID-19 OR the new Community Pharmacy Agreement (7CPA). Topics may include, but are not limited to:  vaccinations  electronic scripts  patient teleconsults with GPs  therapeutic substitution for medicines in short supply  medicine delivery  continued dispensing expansion  off-label prescribing (e.g. hydroxychloroquine) Your article must meet the following requirements:  Briefly describe the development and explain the effect of the development on the main components of the Australian health care system (e.g. structure, finance, hospitals).  Describe the role of any pharmacy professional organisations and the (6) 7CPA  Analyse of the pros/cons of the development and the implications for pharmacy practice (e.g. training, technology needs, challenges) Important information: o The article assignment is an individual piece of work. o You may use headings to organise your work. o You should include relevant images, videos, figures, and hyperlinks as necessary. o If you use hyperlinks, you must also include ALL references in the references list. o You must utilise peer reviewed articles, course materials, websites, reputable news sources, and organisational or health service literature to support the content about your chosen development and the implications for pharmacy practice.