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 Directions per the teacher:

Hyperlink Activity:  Full the next quiz referring to God:

Are you shocked on the outcomes your experiment generated for you?  Did you commit any contradictions? 

Textual content Activity -  Reply the next query:  Does it make any rational sense to imagine in God within the 21st century, given the advances of our understanding of bodily actuality and the unconventional, a number of, and numerous critiques of faith by David Hume (Dialogues Regarding Pure Faith); Sigmund Freud (Way forward for an Phantasm); Karl Marx (Contribution to the Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Proper); Friedrich Nietzsche (a number of of his books) in addition to more moderen assaults by Sam Harris (The Finish of Religion:  Faith, Terror, and the Way forward for Motive); Richard Dawkins (The God Delusion); Daniel Dennett (Breaking the Spell); and Christopher Hitchens (Why God will not be Nice).  The final 4 critiques point out not solely that religions have gotten it mistaken, however that faith has harmed many individuals, that faith is dangerous. 

Reference useful components of Chapter 2 of our Rachels textual content, to assist your declare.

Struggling in a Divinely Created Actuality

Activity – Reply the next query.  Open a information supply and virtually day-after-day, we learn accounts and think about video footage and images unspeakable pure and human-made calamities.  The place is God and why does God not avert not less than a number of the calamities?  Observe that our textual content differentiates between pure evils, akin to tornadoes, earthquakes, typhoons, and so on., from ethical evils, which derive from human actions, akin to terrorist acts, murders, rapes, torture, automobile accidents, and so on.   On this query, we're involved with pure evils.

Use any TWO of the next hyperlinks to assist or to distinction with your individual view:

Ebook of Job

C.S. Lewis - By way of Anthony Hopkins

Abstract of Thomas Aquinas’ 5 Methods to Show the Existence of God

William Lane Craig and Sam Harris Debate Existence of God and Deserves of Christianity

Christopher Hitchens – The Indifference of Heaven

Richard Dawkins – Argument towards Faith

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