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PHIL 1301- FINAL ESSAY• Three-5 PAGES• Typed & Double-Spaced• Printed & Stapled• 12-point font (New Instances Roman, Ariel)• MLA, Chicago, APA, or Turabian Format• You could present at the least 2 scholarly supply supplies for quotation inside the work 1- the textbook itself from the creator’s personal work (Plato or Aquinas in Baird’s e-book)o 2- exterior sources (JSTOR, EBSCO, Google Scholar search)Wikipedia is NOT a scholarly supply!!!!Your closing paper has two parts to it:(1) a 100-150 phrase summary and(2) the ultimate paper (Three-5 pages) through which you handle some debated problem at hand.• The Summary must be between 100-150 phrases and structure what subject you're going to be addressing, the place you're taking on the problem, and which philosophical standpoint you may be employed to help your place.• The Paper ought to embrace exterior sources which help your declare or place, a doable counter-argument in opposition to your place and why it fails, why this problem is of some significance to you and tradition at giant. Philosophy homework Task assist