Personality and Its Impact on Organizational Behavior

The distinctive thought patterns, behaviors and emotions that make a person completely different from the opposite will be termed as Character. The character of each particular person originates out of genetic heritage in addition to his instant environment, and stays fixed all by their lives. This leads to particular person variations. As a result of complexity in human nature arising out of the wide range of experiences in life, the completely different character sorts have an effect on particular person relation ships in a company, and have an effect on the organizational local weather. There are numerous theories explaining the expansion of particular person personalities, corresponding to – the Psychodynamic principle, Sort principle, Behavioral principle, Organic principle, Trait principle , and the idea of the ‘Huge 5'( Mike Battista,2008). Nevertheless, although it's assumed that the character of a person is kind of fixed, it doesn't occur so. It has been noticed that although particular person variations happen because of varied kinds of parenting and the quantity of consideration that one acquired in childhood grooming, particular person successes and failures skilled in life, modifications in particular person character do happen in the long term. People are more likely to change into extra steady emotionally by 20 to 40 years, the place often they don't must face any extra new expertise with age, as larger confidence in self develops. (Webbooks/e-library)

Impression of Particular person Character at Work

The kid hood character of a person impacts the longer term profession and job satisfaction of people. It has been came upon that, behaviors of people within the organizational local weather are the results of their particular person personalities. There are specific traits of character which can be important for worker conduct, which can be fascinating for a company to run its operations efficiently. Some people could also be extra sociable and carry an outgoing character and like work surroundings that's extra social and pleasant. This character trait doesn't instantly have an effect on their conduct at work, however would possibly hurt their work psychology in the long term. In an organizational surroundings, everyone seems to be assigned some specific job accountability, and sure expectations come up out of the particular roles that every are assigned to play. Therefore, right here the person conduct is influenced extra by the job expectations somewhat than particular person behavioral preferences. In jobs that decision for autonomy and freedom, it has been noticed that the person character workouts an amazing affect on that. This typically results in troublesome administration conditions in a company. Workers typically are inclined to change into an excessive amount of selfish, autonomous, possess an excessive amount of of differential opinion, and typically informal and simple going. Therefore these are vital points that must be centered on when a company is creating its marketing strategy and designing particular person job obligations. (Webbooks/e-library)

Individuals are not a method to an finish, however are as vital to a company because the wheel is to a chariot. Each group requires a particular workforce comprising a singular worker character, in order to keep away from an excessive amount of collision of concepts. Once more, particular person variations give rise to dynamism within the group, which may be very wholesome and important for the profitable development of a group, because it unleashes new concepts, offered it's managed effectively. Thus it is vital that each group chief has a correct information in regards to the Huge 5 Idea of character improvement.

The Huge 5

The invention of the Huge 5 was the results of an empirical analysis, and psychologists noticed that of the lengthy listing of traits ready by them, a lot of them occurred collectively. 5 large elements have been recognized as basic dimensions that have been primarily thought-about for differentiating one individual from the opposite. These are – Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. Placing the initials of the character traits collectively, the acronym OCEAN is derived.


Openness: People who find themselves excessive on openness, are imaginative in addition to conservative, and possess a down-to-earth type of nature. They like feelings, journey, artwork, uncommon concepts, possess curiosity and creativeness, and like selection. They carry out effectively in settings involving coaching, and often are able to blooming in conditions that require buying new abilities and suppleness. Their character trait will get them rapidly adjusted to a brand new job setting.

Conscientiousness: This character trait refers to how a lot organized, achievement-driven, reliable, punctual, and systematic an individual is. It's this trait of a person that units him/her aside and offers out the prediction about his /her degree of efficiency in a large assortment of occupation that she or he will get concerned into.

Extraversion: This refers to an individual’s outgoing, sociable and talkative nature, and skill to construct up fast and powerful interactions. They're discovered to achieve success at jobs involving gross sales, in addition to jobs involving managerial obligations. They show inspirational behaviors in management roles. They often are glad in work surroundings as they benefit from the relationships that they construct up there.

Agreeableness: This refers back to the character traits of compassion, cooperation in an individual on one hand whereas suspicion and antagonism on the opposite. They're pleasant, useful, optimistic, and possess the willingness to sacrifice for the advantage of others. Individuals with a excessive diploma of agreeableness, are favored by others and create a robust bonding with others. They don't retaliate a lot when handled unfairly by others, and have the potential of being an efficient chief in addition to a precious asset for a group as they're able to create a good surroundings in a group.

Neuroticism or Emotional Stability: This character trait refers to an individual’s emotionality, temperaments, irritability, anxiousness, moodiness. It factors in direction of the person’s potential to stay calm and steady, and skill to deal with stress. They often get indignant rapidly, and succumb to anxiousness and melancholy, ensuing of their lack of ability to suppose clearly and deal with an advanced scenario. Individuals which can be excessive on Neuroticism are often low in achievements as this trait acts negatively in opposition to a profitable profession. They repeatedly get unhappy with their job and depict intentions of leaving, although they really don't depart. (Webbooks/e-library)

My Private Profile

1. Openness to expertise: Imaginative, progressive, curious, sensible, have vast curiosity, low focus.

2. Conscientiousness: Planful, organized, achievement oriented, dependable, stronger work ethic, environment friendly, orderly, sensible, cautious, prudent

three. Extraversion: Sociable, energetic, energetic, extra assertive, verbally dominant, energized by individuals, extra accessible, reserved somewhat than unfriendly after a troublesome section

four. Agreeableness: Heat, affiliation in search of, sort, likeable, extra sympathetic, tolerant, co-operative, consensual, trusting, collaborative, direct, robust minded, goal.

5. Emotional Stability: Calm, safer, cool, much less emotional, however typically change into weak to emphasize

My conscientiousness degree is excessive, and so is the extent of openness, which regularly crosses every others path. Utilizing my openness to expertise whereas being achievement oriented, a bit of extra focus, sensible sense and cautious prudence is important, as it's not attainable to realize a set goal with out that. To achieve success, excessive extraversion is important, because the excessive finish sides level in direction of the efficient management qualities in me, however add loads of stress as effectively by creating lot of expectations. Therefore a bit of administration of agreeableness when it comes to in search of affiliation and heat and a bit of on tolerance can be good, to reinforce my emotional stability when it comes to vulnerability to emphasize.

To be achievement oriented, I must be extra assertive, as with out assertion of 1’s goal, it's not attainable to drive a group’s focus in direction of a aim. As a group chief I've obligations in direction of my group in addition to in direction of the group. Therefore I must be very particular and goal oriented concerning alignment of particular person objectives of my group members in addition to of the group. Assertiveness as a profitable character trait has helped me efficiently retain a direct communication between my operational group and the shopper’s of the group to run the enterprise efficiently. This trait has successfully retained the shopper’s belief and religion within the group’s capability to carry out even in troublesome conditions, and helped retain the group’s confidence in me. A corporation advantages in innumerable methods from the dedication of an worker in direction of a company. Workers having a excessive diploma of organizational dedication determine themselves intently with the objectives and values of the group, are proud to work for the group and work for the advantage of the group. Organizational reform regularly destroys that dedication of the worker to the group. Due to this fact, it is rather vital that correct motion plans throughout such a reform is made in order to retain and improve that present degree of organizational dedication as it's invaluable for that group (Shu-Jen Lin, J. She-Cheng Lin and Ben-Yuan Lin, 2010)

Motion Plan for Altering Behaviors

Hackman and Oldham, (1975) opinionate that based mostly on the work traits mannequin, change in work traits includes 5 core dimensions associated to work, together with talent range, job integrity, job significance, autonomy and suggestions. Adjustments in work traits successfully increase the interior high quality of the content material of worker jobs and, consequently, improves worker work angle. (Shu-Jen Lin,J. She-Cheng Lin and Ben-Yuan Lin,2010:3682)

The next motion plan is ready with the purpose of adjusting behaviors throughout the group with that character trait that's my power.

Theme: Altering behaviors inside Group

Constructive /Sturdy Character Trait

Current Staff Angle

Fascinating Adjustments

Actions to be Carried out


Achievement Drive

Excessive on extraversion, poor efficiency resulting from excessive sociability amongst members, lack of group accountability and supportive angle in direction of the opposite members

Growing group accountability, growing efficiency and achievement drive, constructing an interactive and supportive organizational surroundings

Organizing a mind storming session on efficiency and achievement on a preset organizational aim aiming to reach on the needed actions to be taken. By means of this session itself group accountability and supportive surroundings will be developed by organising goals to be achieved on a timeline.

Conclusion: For working organizational administration successfully, it is rather vital for group leaders to have a really clear understanding of the character traits that primarily comprise the general worker psychology of a company, in addition to particular groups coping with particular job obligations. Each group doesn't require each type of particular person character in its organizational local weather, because it typically adversely impacts the organizational conduct and efficiency. Therefore, it is vital for group leaders in addition to the HR division of a company to grasp the job design of the group, and the requisite worker character kind that may greatest match into it. A exact information of the character and particular person variations would additionally improve efficient administration of the group, notably throughout a reform.