Operation Management Problems Solution
1. Schedule the next actions utilizing CPM:ActivityTimePred 1Pred 2A1-B4AC3AD2BE5CDF2DG2FH3EGa. Draw the community.b. What's the essential path?c. What number of weeks will it take to finish the challenge?d. Which actions have slack, and the way a lot?2. The R&D division is planning to bid on a big challenge for the event of a newcommunication system for business planes. The accompanying desk reveals the actions,instances, and sequences required:ActivityTimePred 1Pred 2Pred 3A3-B2AC4AD4AE6BF6CDG2DFH3DFI3EGHa. Draw the community diagram.b. What's the essential path?c. Suppose you wish to shorten the completion time as a lot as doable, and you've got the choice of shortening all or any of B, C, D, and G every one week. Which might you shorten?d. What's the new essential path and earliest completion time?02 part 1 STRATEGY, PRODUCTS, AND CAPACITY8. The next represents a challenge that must be scheduled utilizing CPM:ActivityOptimistic(a)Doubtless(m)Pessimistic(b)Imply(a+4m+b)/6Std devs= (b-a)/6Variances^2A1353.000.670.44B1232.000.330.11C1232.000.330.11D2343.000.330.11E34115.001.331.78F3454.000.330.11G1463.830.830.69H2453.830.500.25a. Draw the community.b. What's the essential path?c. What's the anticipated challenge completion time?d. What's the likelihood of finishing this challenge inside 16 days?9. There may be an 82 % probability the challenge under may be accomplished in X weeks or much less.What's X?