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Oceanography 116 Spring 2021 Remaining Examination Take a look at Overview It is a record of all of the issues we now have lined up to now this yr. I'm engaged on creating your remaining examination. First don't panic, your remaining is not going to be this lengthy. I'll make your remaining from this evaluation. There might be about 20 – 25 questions complete on the ultimate examination. I'll decide 2 or three questions from every part for the ultimate. For some examination questions I'll mix questions into yet one more open-ended kind query. For math-based questions, like density and ocean sediment, I'll change a number of the numbers. If I add any new inquiries to an current group I'll write the brand new query in Crimson Week 1: Why is the Ocean Vital? 1. Why is Oceanography thought of an interdisciplinary Science? 2. Why is the ocean essential? Lesson #1: To Defend our Oceans 1. What does Sylvia Earle imply when she refers back to the ocean as our “life help system?” 2. Do you agree or disagree that “well being to the ocean means well being to us?” Clarify three. What are you able to do to assist defend our oceans? Lesson #2: Density 1. What's density? 2. What equation do you utilize to calculate density? three. Why do issues float or sink? four. What occurs if liquids of various densities are put into the identical container? 5. How do you discover the density of an object? 6. What's the density of a metallic block that has a quantity of 150 cm3 and a weight of 675 g? Lesson #three: Water Supply 1. Why does every video take away salt water from the consuming water equation? 2. The place is many of the world's recent water used for? three. The place is Earth floor water largely situated? four. The place does Los Angeles get most of its recent water? 5. What are a number of methods that you would be able to cut back your water requirement? Lesson #four: Hydrosphere 1. Why is Earth known as the “blue planet? 2. The place is many of the world's recent water saved? three. Identify two different naturally forming water reservoirs? four. Apart from water molecules, what else do rivers carry to the ocean? 5. How people are interconnected with the hydrosphere, particularly the ocean. Lesson #5: Plastic Ocean Air pollution 1. What's the Nice Pacific rubbish patch? 2. The place is the GPGP? three. How massive is the GPGP? four. How was the GPGP found? 5. How does plastic from the USA get to the center of the Pacific Ocean? 6. How lengthy does it take plastics within the ocean to degrade? 7. Why would fish and different animals confuse plastics for meals? eight. How do plastics transfer up the meals chain? 9. Can micro plastics present in fish harm individuals? Lesson #6: Sea Flooring Spreading and Plate Tectonics 1. Identify the three forms of plate boundaries. 2. The crust and higher mantle make up what layer of the Earth? three. What's the driving drive that causes the Earth’s plates to maneuver? four. Ocean Trenches are discovered at what kind of plate boundary. 5. The Mid-Atlantic Ridge is the results of what kind of plate boundary. 6. The San Andreas Fault is an instance of what kind of plate boundary. 7. What's a Sizzling Spot? eight. Make a drawing of every kind of plate boundary. a. Draw arrows to indicate the course that every plate is shifting. b. Write what forms of geological occasions are discovered at this boundary. c. Identify a spot on Earth the place this boundary may be discovered. 9. What are a number of ways in which we are able to all be ready for the subsequent massive EarthQuake? Lesson #7: Plate Tectonics Webquest 1. What are the 4 main layers of the Earth and what are they product of? 2. What's the lithosphere? three.What's the distinction between oceanic crust and continental crust? four. What are the three forms of plate boundaries? 5. The place on Earth’s crust are every of those boundaries discovered? Give one instance. 6. What kind of geological occasions occur at every kind of plate boundary? 7. What's the driving drive of plate tectonics? Lesson #eight: Waves 1. Describe the movement of water molecules inside a wave. 2. What occurs to a wave because it reaches shore? three. Clarify why waves develop into parallel to the shoreline it doesn't matter what course they come from. four.What's a longshore present? 5.What's littoral drift? 6.Clarify why while you spend time swimming within the ocean periodically it's important to get out of the water and stroll again up the sand to your towel? (take into consideration littoral drift) 7.What's a storm surge? eight.What are the three components that create a completely developed sea? 9.What is supposed by a wave can “really feel the underside” Lesson #9: Tides 1. Clarify how the phases of the moon management the tidal vary? Confer with spring tides and neap tides in your reply. 2. When given a tide chart are you able to reply the next questions? a. On what day and time are the very best or lowest tides recorded? b. When is the least tidal vary? three. How does the distinction between a lunar day and a photo voltaic day change the time of excessive and low tide? four. How can tides be used to create low carbon emitting power? 5. Might 26 was a full moon. When will the subsequent full moon be? When will the subsequent new moon be? Lesson #10: Ocean Sediments 1. What are the 5 forms of ocean sediments in line with their origins? 2. What's the supply for every kind of sediment? three. What's natural ooze product of? four. What makes Crimson Clay crimson? 5. Why is there no calcium carbonate in deep ocean flooring? 6. What does crimson clay in a core pattern inform us? 7. This is not going to be in your remaining examination Be capable to calculate the buildup of ocean flooring sediments. a. Crimson clay on the deep sea flooring accumulates at a price if 1mm per 1,000 years. Calcareous ooze accumulates at a price of 1 mm. per 100 years. b. How a lot time would a core meters in size signify if it incorporates 7 meters of ooze and three meters of crimson clay? Lesson #11: Hurricanes 1. Why are hurricanes thought of well mannered disasters? 2. What components will decide the quantity of harm and value of a hurricane? three. What's the distinction between a hurricane warning and a hurricane watch? -research paper writing service