Nursing theory-Personal Reflection In applying Kolcaba’s Comfort Theory
Learn the connected comedian “We want some assist out right here” file:///Customers/sylviaasante/Downloads/WeNeedSomeHelpOutHere(comedian)(1).pdf Half A: Private Reflection: What are the sentiments, biases, or perceived stereotypes you'll have had previous to studying this Comedian? Or What did you study opioid use and abuse. Have your notion modified? Half B: In making use of Kolcaba's Consolation Concept, what are the "Well being Care Wants" of people who expertise opioid overdose? What are their wants of consolation and examples of "Comforting Interventions" to handle their bodily/ psycho-spiritual/ environmental or socio-cultural consolation wants? (You may additionally focus on any "Intervening Variables" which will affect their views of consolation after an overdose).