Nursing (Health Informatics)W7 essay
ASSIGNMENT Meaningful quality improvement relies on the ongoing collection and analysis of data to provide baseline measures and track performance over time. Health Information Technologies such as Electronic Health Records and Health Information Exchanges are important tools for providing practitioners and researchers with the data needed to support quality improvement efforts. For this discussion, you are to identify and analyze a research study in which HIT data was used for quality improvement. Be sure to choose a rigorous research study published in a peer-reviewed journal found through the Himmelfarb library databases. The study must involve the use of HIT data to identify the need for QI and/or track the outcomes of a QI intervention. For your initial post: • Share the citation of the article and a link to the study. (Most Himmelfarb databases will provide you with a Permalink icon on the right side of the screen where you can copy the link to the study). • Briefly describe the study purpose and outcomes. • What HIT system(s) were used and how did they support data collection and/or analysis? For your response: • Locate the paper using the link provided by your colleague and briefly review the study methodology. • Based on your review as well as your colleague's summary, would you apply the outcomes of this research to your clinical practice? Why or why not? Note: You only need to respo -research paper writing service nd to one of your colleagues this week. Please try to pick a colleague that has not yet been responded to.