Nursing essay
Week 9 Shadow Well being Complete SOAP Be aware TemplateAffected person Initials: _______ Age: _______ Gender: _______SUBJECTIVE DATA:Chief Criticism (CC):Historical past of Current Sickness (HPI):Drugs:Allergy symptoms:Previous Medical Historical past (PMH):Previous Surgical Historical past (PSH):Sexual/Reproductive Historical past:Private/Social Historical past:Well being Upkeep:Immunization Historical past:Vital Household Historical past:Evaluation of Methods:Common: HEENT: Respiratory: Cardiovascular/Peripheral Vascular: Gastrointestinal: Genitourinary: Musculoskeletal: Neurological: Psychiatric: Pores and skin/hair/nails:OBJECTIVE DATA:Bodily Examination: Important indicators: Common: HEENT: Neck: Chest/Lungs:. Coronary heart/Peripheral Vascular: Stomach: Genital/Rectal: Musculoskeletal: Neurological: Pores and skin:Diagnostic outcomes:ASSESSMENT:PLAN: This part is just not required for the assignments on this course (NURS 6512), however might be required for future programs.-research paper writing service