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Week 5 Dialogue: The Roles of Congress and The Presidency Required Assets Learn/overview the next assets for this exercise: Textbook: Textbook: Greenberg, E. S & Web page, B. I. (2018). The Battle for Democracy, 2018 Elections, and Updates Version. (12th ed.). Pearson. Lesson Minimal of 1 scholarly supply (can embrace your textbook) Preliminary Submit Directions For the preliminary publish, reply to one of many following choices, and label the start of your publish indicating both Choice 1 or Choice 2: Choice 1: Political scientists disagree on the precise causes of low illustration of ladies in Congress. Why do you suppose there are so few ladies in Congress compared to males? How possible is it that these patterns of illustration will dramatically change over your lifetime? For this dialogue query, you'll have to perform some research on-line. Choice 2: What traits do you suppose voters search for when selecting a president? Do you suppose voters select the traits they're searching for relying on the socioeconomic and political setting - lack of jobs, riots, COVID-19, environmental considerations and different points and so on.? Clarify your reply. Be sure you make connections between your concepts and conclusions and the analysis, ideas, phrases, and principle we're discussing this week. -research paper writing service