Nursing : Cardiac essay
NSG 330 Week 6 Homework Answer the following questions. Upload the completed assignment to the course shell. 1) What is the normal measurement of the following and what is happening in the heart: a. P wave = b. QRS interval= c. QT interval = 2) What are the differences between atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter? 3) Name this arrhythmia (b) some causes and (c) how is it treated? Ryhthm: _____________________________________ b. c. Determine the following rhythms. 4) Rhythm: ______________ 5) Rhythm: ____________ 6) Rhythm: _______________ 7) Rhythm ______________________________ 8) When would you see the above rhythm and what symptoms will patients be experiencing? 9) In what instances might a patient experience sinus tachycardia and what symptoms would you observe? 10) Outline the conduction system of the heart. -research paper writing service