My Walking Stick

This can be a barbershop model tune sung by Golden Gate Quartet. The tune is accompanied by guitar and the singing group is consist of 4 males.

At the start of the tune, the rhythm is free. It begins with the guitar taking part in an arpeggio, establishing the important thing of the piece. At eight″, the tenor, bass and the baritone sing the identical chord, and the best pitch Is identical because the final be aware that the guitar performed.Whereas the chord is constant, the lead sings an Improvisation primarily based n the concord of what the opposite three sing. The melody Is conjunct and It has a Melissa. Then the guitar performs a unique arpeggio and the three singers moreover the lead sings a chord semitone decrease than the earlier one. Whereas they're singing, the lead sings an identical Improvisation primarily based on that chord.

The concord performed by guitar goes again to the primary concord and the singers repeat the identical course of.

At 23″, the music turns into extra metrical.With the guitar performs fixed damaged chords and the baritone imitates the sound of trumpet with the identical chord, the lead begins to sing the primary melody of the tune with the lyric of “with out my strolling stick… The melody is distinct and bass, tenor and baritone singing a brief conjunct phrase as a connection follows each half phrase. The form of the melody of “I’d go insane” goes up, and the phrase after that has a giant leap inside the melody after which descends again to the tonic.

At 36″, the identical melody with a unique textual content repeated by the singers. The baritone imitates the trumpet throughout the singing as a accompaniment with guitar. At 46″, a brand new melody begins. It's distinct and ascends on the finish with a paramount, with the tenor and bass singing the accompanied chords. At 54″. The lead sings the identical melody because the very first one and the entire group does the identical course of as properly. And the melody ends on the tonic as a logo of the tip off part.