My area landscape analysis examining every activities done it
The realm I chosen for this research is known as Muyenga in Kampala metropolis Uganda. It's situated on a hill with mild slopes each aspect of it, and surrounded by swamp areas(water logged areas).The entire space stretch is about  four sq. kilometers and 5 kilometers from town heart. It's accessed by way of tama ked roads with good water channels. When stood on the highest of this space you may have a transparent view of the entire beneath surrounding areas with a transparent metropolis view. A part of this space is rocky with a shrub sort of vegetation protection. The opposite sections of this space are sandy with savannah form of vegetation and tall tresses.On the opposite aspect of this hill there may be one other swamp with a large protection of papyrus vegetation stretch as much as the clear water lake (Lake. Victoria) WHAT IS GOING ON This space is sub-divided into a number of developments and several other actions are going down. On the highest of this hill there may be situated one of many greatest metropolis water provide tank. There's a part of this space which is developed in a residential housing property. Homes on this part of this space preserve good gardens with timber in compounds. The part which has rocks have been developed into quarries (stone mining and chopping) and a few constructing sand mining. The opposite aspect of this space which has the papyrus vegetation protection has been partly conserved for inexperienced belt by the nationwide environmental administration authority (NEMA). This meant that there aren't any actions/developments allowed on this part earlier than the approval of this establishment. Different down hill areas has been gazette in to industrial areas and there are additionally some unplanned housings (slums) on this industrial space. WHAT FITS TOGETHER The event of this space right into a residential housing property is okay since a tree planting is maintained and a inexperienced grass in compounds. The part of this space which has the rocks to be developed in a quarry was additionally wonderful. The conservation of the inexperienced belt (moist land) was improbable. The preserve ace of tama ked roads with good water channels additionally matches as a result of this act prevents soil erosion. WHAT DOES’T FIT The event of some components of the swamp into the commercial space didn't match, as a result of swamps act as pure water filter and purifiers. You understand water from factories and industries and different actions within the metropolis is extremely polluted. So there's a want for swafor water purification earlier than it will get into the lake. When polluted water goes straight within the lake it causes a excessive dangerous of residing water spices endangerment .This will additionally trigger excessive charges of pipeline water purification. Secondly it isn't wholesome to determine factories and industries close to to residential areas. There's a normal distance to be maintained. The encroachment of peasants on the gazette greenbelt additionally didn’t match. The drainage of swamps for different actions like unplanned housing (slums) additionally doesn’t match SPECULATE WHAT HAPPENED Geographically it's stated that this space falls into the class of a plateau. It's alleged to be having shaped by both weathering or up and down warping. A plateau some instances referred to as tableland is a big stretch of land with roughly related heights above sea stage. (Tamale.E. Geography within the new period 1997) It stands out increased than surrounding areas or in type of a wave form of formation with its sides slope all the way down to the decrease lands. A plateau in comparison with an elevated plain, bears a really large distinction between the 2. With a plateau, valleys are slim, deep generally with steep sides but for a ache there are broad with large stretches. The rivers in a plateau are swift and carve deep in comparison with these in plain. Plateaus are at all times excessive (peak above sea stage) in comparison with plains. (Morgan. Superior geography for secondary colleges.2001) It's thought that plateaus had been shaped on account of carrying down of upper mountainous areas or by the method of denudation. And if this continues to be efficient, the entire plateau could be lowered to close a plain’s peak. (Tendo.L.Trendy geography 2002) WHAT IS CURRENTLY HAPPENING The truth that this space is taken into account to be a plateau. This space is enormously exploited by man’s actions that are a risk to its sharp and future existence. The terracing of the realm for leveling constructing websites, chopping down of timber and drainage of swamps and wetlands is occurring this space. Industrial wastes and polluted water goes direct within the clear water lake. Brokerage of water channels   and encroachment in moist lands for peasant farming and unplanned housing. WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN If all these actions talked about above usually are not managed there's a attainable flooding which could happen. The act of stone chopping and mining causes an important risk to this space (plateau) weathering down in to plain in future. The act of gazette swamp to industrial areas causes a giant risk to the lake water air pollution and thus excessive prices of pipe line water purification. Additionally industries to be situated close to residential areas are a really large risk to the well being of the folks. Encroachment on the wetlands and clearing of the papyrus vegetation is a attainable risk of discount of water ranges within the lake. EVALUTION My opinion about that is, first I'd enchantment to the involved to take care of not just for this space however a nationwide tree planting marketing campaign. This will guarantee conservation of soil and discount of abrasion. I'd discourage industrialization of swamps and wetlands to take care of a gradual and wholesome stretch of the inexperienced belt. This might help guarantee an excellent pure purification of polluted water earlier than it will get within the contemporary water lake. This thus may also scale back on the price of pipe line water therapy and purification. I'd assist the nationwide setting administration authority in its battle to preserve the setting. Each technique put in management we are able to protect and preserve the environment Reference record Tamale.E (1997). Geography within the new period(pp.72-75) Moorgan.D. (2001) Superior geography for secondary colleges(pp.45-47) Tendo.F. (1998).Morden geography.JB publishers 1st version(pp.57-60)