Mrjob essay
Task 2 (100 factors) Due Date: 6/four/2021 (11:59pm) On this task, you will write a mrjob program to rely the incidence primarily based on the “V” tag and output the title attribute primarily based on the “A” tag. The title attribute is the third tag of “A” and its pointer is from the second tag of “V”. See the next instance A,1004,1," Search","/search" A,1057,1,"MS PowerPoint Information","/powerpoint" A,1147,1,"Microsoft Monetary Discussion board","/msft" A,1005,1,"Norway","/norge" C,"10001",10001 V,1004,1 C,"10004",10004 V,1005,1 C,"10005",10005 V,1147,1 V,1004,1 C,"10007",10007 C,"10008",10008 V,1004,1 C,"10009",10009 V,1057,1 V,1057,1 C,"10438",10438 V,1147,1 Ignore these knowledge whose rely is lower than 2 " Search" three "MS PowerPoint Information" 2 "Microsoft Monetary Discussion board" 2 For the whole knowledge file, your anticipated output ought to appear to be "MS Workplace Help" 155 "NT Server Help" 462 "Australia" 136 "Brazil" 121 "Entry Improvement" 215 "MS Entry" 241 "MS Entry Help" 105 "UK" 186 "Alternate Help" 86 "OEM" 22 "MS Proxy Server" 189 "OutLook" 237 "Workplace Reference" 157 "Video games Help" 107 "Home windows Improvement" 69 "Visible FoxPro" 97 "VBA Improvement" 65 "Microsoft Dwelling" 14 "Product Catalog" 102 "Microsoft Press" 214 "Latin America Area" 56 "For Builders Solely" 98 "Govt Computing" 120 "MS in Training" 291 "Microsoft OLE DB" 14 "Microsoft Dwelling Necessities" 118 "MS Works" 36 "Hong Kong" 35 "France" 183 "Czech Republic" 16 "Slovakia" 11 "MS TeamManager" 47 "TechNet (World Vast Net Version)" 59 "Mastering Sequence" 46 "Visible Supply Protected" 36 "Canada" 128 "Web Safety Framework" 181 . . . To run on command immediate >> python enter.txt > output.txt Submission Submit your python program to blackboard. -research paper writing service