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The Samurai

Student’s Name Tutor’s Name Course Date The Samurai The Samurai were a class of warriors in early Japan, who protected their clans against external threats. Konjaku Monogatari, a collection of Japanese war tales, translated by William Ritchie Wilson, has insightful information on the ways of the samurai and aspects of war before the fifth century. […]

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Date: July 2nd, 2020

International Film Comparison Paper

International Film Comparison Paper Watch Francois Truffaut’s classic 1959 film about adolescence The Four Hundred Blows. Then you may choose from ONE (1) of the four other films below. After watching The Four Hundred Blows and the film of your choice, use the knowledge you have learned thus far in class to compare and contrast […]

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Date: November 10th, 2019

Discuss two (2) specific topics that you found interesting/learned from the film

The Iceman Tapes Richard Kuklinski Inside the Mind of A Mafia Hitman( (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. The Iceman Tapes Richard Kuklinski Inside the Mind of A Mafia Hitman Each week, a film link will be posted on Canvas that connects the assigned reading/lecture materials to the world we live. What […]

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Date: November 4th, 2019

Review of Quills: a movie about Marque De Sade

Movie review and summaries Name University Review of Quills: a movie about Marque De Sade The film is fictional and narrates about Marquis de Sade. The opening of the film shows a woman describes as having an appetite for sexual torture. Sade narrates about how the woman one day found herself in a man’s hand, […]

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Date: May 1st, 2019

Film Review- Taxi Driver

Film Review- Taxi Driver This is a vigilante film that has psychological thriller and neo-noir elements. Analysis of the plot: The film is about Travis a Vietnam War veteran and an ex- Marine who becomes a taxi driver so as to cope up with his chronic insomnia. Besides, Travis spent his time during the day […]

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Date: March 20th, 2019

Movie business of AMC Networks Inc

Movie business of AMC Networks Inc. you must find two management decisions from AMC Networks Inc. ( the media entertainment company not the cable channel) you disagree with. including the background and outcome of each actual decision, what actually happe 3 pages, double-spaced, Chicago citation, with footnotes plus one page references page, Prompt: paper will […]

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Date: March 14th, 2019

Understand a movie essay, paper writing

Understand a movie essay People of all ages have been watching movies for a century. It is considered the favorite pastime of many people around the world. The abundance of films that are filmed in different genres each year is the reason why they are so popular and everyone can find something interesting. While several […]

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Date: February 22nd, 2019

Antigone Play – Need help in translation.

Question description 1)Creon to Haemon, “the lives whose course is fair, the greater part owes safety to obedience. Therefore we must support the cause of order, and in no wise suffer a woman to worst us. Better to fall from power, if we must, by a man’s hand; then we should not be called weaker […]

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Date: January 31st, 2019

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