Module 2 Discussion Problem essay
Mary and Jack have been relationship for six years earlier than they received married. Previous to their marriage, Mary gave start to 3 youngsters fathered by Jack. One yr after their marriage, Jack and Mary separated. Throughout their separation, Mary gave start to a fourth youngster that was not the organic product of Jack. The events and the youngsters all reside within the state of Florida and have all the time executed so. Questions: A. Pursuant to Florida Chapter 742, who could lawfully set up paternity to a toddler via authorized motion? Determine your authorized authority and absolutely clarify your response. B. Are any or all the youngsters legit youngsters inside the eyes of the legislation? What does Privette v. Dept. say about this example? What's the authorized standing of every of the youngsters? C. If Mary and Jack reconcile and save their marriage, may the organic father of the fourth youngster sue Mary and Jack to ascertain paternity of that youngster? -research paper writing service