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Learn the beneath state of affairs. Uncle Bob is a resident of California. You and Uncle Bob went on trip to Miami collectively. Uncle Bob was dashing whereas on trip the police pulled him over. After some dialog with the police officer, Uncle Bob was handcuffed and arrested. Bob has by no means been out of the state till now. He has no prior crimes in Florida or any state apart from California. Miami Police Division is aware of his identify, start date, top, and weight. In addition they know the dates of his offences, trial, and punishment. Why was Uncle Bob handcuffed and arrested? How did the Florida police officer know of his offences in that occurred in California? Write a 700–1,050-word essay discussing how knowledge is assessed and shared between native and federal governments and making use of this to the supplied state of affairs. Take into account how the info was accessible to the Miami Police Division.
  • Analyze the data accessible to the Miami Police Division and the movement of knowledge from California to Florida.
  • Clarify a minimum of 4 ways in which this info is shared between native and/or federal businesses.
  • Summarize the outcomes of your analysis of what crimes Uncle Bob could possibly be charged with and the flexibility of the police company in Florida to acquire this info.
Your viewpoint and function must be clearly established and sustained. Your essay must be properly ordered, logical and unified, in addition to authentic and insightful. The project ought to observe the conventions of Commonplace English (right grammar, punctuation, and spelling). The paper must be a steady piece of writing that permits to your sustained viewpoint with logical order and group. For instance, three separate paragraphs answering the questions on totally different subjects doesn't permit for the sort of sustained improvement. Regulation homework Project assist