1. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 A. amended the Civil Rights Act of 1866 to allow jury trials in employment discrimination instances. B. introduced an finish to the Viet Nam struggle. C. created the authorized foundation for non-discrimination in housing, training, public lodging, and employment. D. overruled Brown V. Topeka Board of Training. 2. Title VII protections apply to: A. managerial staff B. non-managerial salaried staff C. hourly wage staff D. the entire above three. for hostile setting sexual harassment to exist, the offending exercise: A. should happen not less than yearly over a 5 12 months interval. B. want solely happen as soon as. C. should be frequent and/or intensely offensive. D. frequency just isn't a obligatory criterion concerning hostile setting sexual harassment. four. In order to be afforded constitutional and/or statutory protections, the complainant should: A. be a member of an organized non secular denomination B. be a member of a spiritual denomination that the employer is acquainted with C. present a sincerely held non secular perception even with out proving membership in a particular non secular denomination D. not one of the above 5. Below the ADA, an particular person A. is disabled if the person has an impairment that considerably limits one or extra of the main life actions. B. is disabled provided that the person has an impairment that considerably limits all main life actions. C. Is disabled if he suffers from any medically acknowledged dysfunction. D. Is presumed to be disabled until an employer or potential employer can show in any other case. 6. Peter is a 65 12 months previous black man. He's a licensed pilot and is in excellent well being. Peter has utilized to Flying Excessive Airways, and his software has been rejected. A. if he can present that the job remained open after his rejection, disparate therapy could be proven. B. Flying Excessive has the proper to rent anybody that they please as a result of it is a non-public firm. C. Flying Excessive won't have been deemed to have discriminated in opposition to Peter if they will proof a legitimate BFOQ that disqualifies Peter. D. disparate therapy is routinely evidenced as a result of Peter belongs to a protected group. 7. An employer's obligation to accommodate the non secular practices of an worker is proscribed by A. the ideas of reasonableness and undue hardship B. the diploma to which the faith concerned is widely known. C. the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Structure D. the Free Train Clause eight. Lori works for a nationwide restaurant chain and has been discriminated in opposition to by her employer. A. Lori should first convey her motion via the EEOC. B. Lori should first convey her motion via the suitable state courtroom. C. Lori should first convey her motion via the suitable federal courtroom. D. Lori has the choice of initiating her declare via both the EEOC or a state or federal courtroom.. 9. The ADEA A. protects all people in opposition to age discrimination. B. protects all staff who're not less than 40 years of age, in opposition to age discrimination. C. protects all staff who're lower than 40 years of age, in opposition to age discrimination. D. protects all staff who're between the ages of 40 and 70. 10. Which of the next just isn't a perception that will require lodging by the employer: A. being a vegetarian B. carrying a required head protecting C. refusal to work on the Sabbath D. the entire above could rise to the extent of requiring an lodging. 11. Mike desires a divorce. He has learn in a magazine that males are inclined to get extra beneficial settlements when they've a feminine legal professional. Mike goes into a big agency with a 13 member home relations division (eight males and 5 ladies) and asks to talk with feminine attorneys solely. If the regulation agency complies along with his request: A. there could also be a Title VII gender discrimination situation as a result of the agency is perhaps construed as hindering the alternatives of male attorneys. B. there isn't any discrimination as a result of the client/consumer has said a legitimate purpose C. there isn't any discrimination as a result of the regulation remains to be a predominantly male dominated trade so males don't have any standing to sue on this state of affairs. D. there could also be a Title VII situation based mostly on gender-plus discrimination points. 12. Title VII A. prohibits discrimination and affirmative motion. B. prohibits discrimination however requires reverse discrimination. C. prohibits discrimination and requires affirmative motion. D. prohibits discrimination and permits affirmative motion. 13. In Rowe v. Common Motors Corp., three black staff sued claiming that foreman-based suggestions used for promotions have been illegal and racially discriminating. The courtroom didn't discover: A. that the foremen got no course in phrases of what qualities to search for concerning promotions B. that blacks could have been hindered in acquiring passable suggestions. C. that Title VII requires that procedures used be honest in each type and in operation. D. that there was a sample of discrimination in opposition to black staff evidencing a clear intent to create a state of affairs leading to a disparate influence 14. An employer who fails to correctly examine potential staff could also be liable to injured third events below the next authorized idea: A. OSHA B. Staff Compensation C. Negligent Hiring D. Assault 15. Acir Manufacturing Firm runs a plant within the worst a part of city. Regardless of satisfactory lighting and safety patrolling the car parking zone, it's nonetheless thought-about very harmful to stroll to or out of your automotive at evening. The plant operates three shifts and is open 24 hours a day. Because of the excessive danger, ladies are solely employed for the eight:00 am to4:00 pm shift. A. the corporate has a proper, if not an obligation, to take care of this hiring coverage to defend its feminine staff. B. ladies must be at house at evening so no true discrimination exists. C. for the reason that hours do not relate to a real means to do the job, Acir is discriminating. D. security, by way of strolling via the car parking zone, is a legitimate BFOQ of the job so there isn't any discrimination. 16. The Household and Medical Depart Act applies to: A. all staff of all companies B. staff who've labored for an organization for 12 months, no matter hours labored. C. staff who've labored for an organization for 12 months, and have labored a minimal of 1250 hours throughout that point D. staff who've labored a complete of 1250 hours, whatever the period of their employment 17. The regulation requires that unions and administration discount: A. till a decision is reached. B. till the union is happy. C. till administration is happy. D. in good religion 18. Philip has been employed at his firm for three years. The brand new head of human assets desires all staff to comply with waivers permitting the corporate to go looking the worker's exhausting drives for unlawful and/or anti-company materials with out exposing the firm to legal responsibility: A. they will drive Philip to signal the waiver as a situation of employment. B. the waiver will solely be legitimate if Philip is given consideration in trade for his waiver. C. so long as the waiver is voluntary, consideration just isn't required. D. waivers of privateness rights are void, consideration or not, because of violations of public coverage constraints. 19. An lodging, below ADA, is affordable if: A. it's possible. B. it has been supplied by different employers. C. it doesn't trigger a burden on the employer. D. it doesn't trigger an undue burden on the employer. 20. When it comes to sexual harassment, an employer is chargeable for the next: A. acts of a supervisory worker solely ought to the employer know or ought to have identified that harassment was occurring. B. acts of a supervisory worker whether or not or not the employer knew or ought to have identified that harassment was occurring. C. acts of a non-supervisory worker whether or not or not the employer knew or ought to have identified that harassment was occurring. D. employers are at all times chargeable for any sexual harassment that happens no matter who the harasser is or what they knew or ought to have identified.