MAT109 Module 5 Approtionment Problem
Task 1: The Apportionment ProblemYou are a census officer in a newly democratic nation and you've got been charged with utilizing the census information from the desk under to find out how 100 congressional seats needs to be divided among the many 10 states of the union.State Population1 154752 356443 987564 883465 3696 856637 434278 843119 5473010 25467Being a fan of United States historical past, you're acquainted with the numerous strategies of apportionment utilized to this drawback to realize honest illustration within the US Home of Representatives. You resolve that apportionment (chapter 11, sections 1-Four in your textbook) is the most effective strategy to fixing this drawback, however want to check a number of strategies after which decide which is definitely honest.1. Utilizing the Hamilton methodology of apportionment, decide the variety of seats every state ought to obtain.2. Utilizing the numbers you simply calculated from making use of the Hamilton methodology, decide the typical constituency for every state. Clarify your resolution making course of for allocating the remaining seats.three. Calculate absolutely the and relative unfairness of this apportionment.Four. Clarify how modifications in state boundaries or populations might have an effect on the stability of illustration on this congress. Present an instance utilizing the outcomes above.5. How and why might an Alabama Paradox happen?6. Clarify how making use of the Huntington-Hill apportionment methodology helps to keep away from an Alabama Paradox.7. Primarily based upon your expertise in fixing this drawback, do you are feeling apportionment is one of the simplest ways to realize honest illustration? Be sure you help your reply.eight. Recommend one other technique that might be utilized to realize honest illustration both utilizing apportionment strategies or a way of your selecting.You might carry out your individual calculations or use the Excel spreadsheet right here to help you. You will need to present some calculations in your doc to reveal that you know the way to carry out these duties.