Marriage and Family: Case Study essay
Description Below are the instructions for the assignment. Please read them carefully and make sure to answer each question. Make sure to cite your sources and provide in-text citations where needed. Please use the PowerPoint in the discussion. Required Resource: Benokraitis, N. V. (2014). Marriages and Families (Subscription). [VitalSource Bookshelf]. Retrieved from Alice has been married to Bert for 33 years. They seem to love each other; enjoy the company of each other; and enjoy their life together. Bert is the youngest in his family. Whenever Alice and Bert are at Bert's family get-together, Bert's mother calls him "her surprise baby". His siblings look at him as an interloper. Alice wants to limit the contacts with Bet's family because she feels they will never change. Bert does not want to cut off contact with his family but has taken notice of the expression and the feelings. Why does Bert's mother use that expression? What should Alice do? What should Bert do? Neither wants to hurt anyone.