1. (TCO C) Sam desires to purchase a washer and is on the lookout for one thing that's modestly priced.When he goes to make the acquisition, he finds there are two choices that meet his necessities. One is an IFB Bosch product, whereas the opposite is a newly imported South Korean model. Adam is just not very accustomed to the latter and doesn't hesitate in selecting Bosch. This instance implies that ________. (Factors : 6)the imported model is not going to survive the competitors from BoschBosch has a optimistic buyer model equitythe South Korean firm has a low promoting budgetthe imported model is unreliablethe Bosch washer has higher options than the imported model Query 2.2. (TCO C) The notion of the "4 Ps" within the conventional "marketing-mix" idea could not adequately describe fashionable advertising applications. ________ is about mixing and matching advertising actions to maximise their particular person and collective results. (Factors : 6)Customized marketingMass customizationGlobalized marketingRelationship marketingIntegrated marketingQuestion three.three. (TCO H) When the whole market expands, the ________ normally features probably the most. (Factors : 6)market challengermarket leadermarket followermarket nichermarket entrant Query four.four. (TCO H) ________ protection includes occupying probably the most fascinating market area within the minds of the customers and making the model virtually impregnable. (Factors : 6)PositionFlankPreemptiveMobileContractionQuestion 5.5. (TCO H) The 5 product ranges represent a ________. At every degree extra buyer worth is added. (Factors : 6)product linebusiness modelcustomer value-hierarchyvalue griddemand chainQuestion 6.6. (TCO H) Shifting ________ carries dangers. The brand new model can cannibalize core model gross sales and decrease the core model's high quality picture. (Factors : 6)up-markettwo waysone waydown-marketout-marketQuestion 7.7. (TCO H) Which of the next is a attribute of a service? (Factors : 6)It's basically tangible.It doesn't outcome within the possession of something.Its manufacturing is majorly tied to a bodily product.Companies are usually produced and consumed at totally different instances.A consumer's presence is just not required for rendering a service.Query eight.eight. (TCO H) Which of the next will assist a service supplier overcome the boundaries imposed by the inseparability of providers? (Factors : 6)utilizing differential pricingworking with bigger buyer groupsproviding complementary servicesconcentrating on bodily proof and presentationstandardizing the service processQuestion 9.9. (TCO D) An equipment firm that's plagued with overcapacity, intense competitors, or altering desires would do higher if it pursues ________ as its main goal.(Factors : 6)market skimmingproduct-quality leadershipsurvivalprofit maximizationmarket penetrationQuestion 10.10. (TCO D) Starbucks, Aveda, and Mercedes Benz have been capable of place themselves inside their classes by combining high quality, luxurious, and premium costs with an intensely loyal buyer base. These firms are using a ________ technique. (Factors : 6) market-skimmingmarket-penetrationsurvivalmarket share maximizationproduct-quality management