Marketing Literature Review

Marketing and Promotion Strategy

Marketing and Promotion Strategy Business Finance – Operations Management Scenario The Chief Executive Officer of Healthy Dynamics and your internal team had the opportunity to review the memo, the workflow analysis, objectives, vision, and mission statements. The project manager is onboard and received the strategy map/data table that identified the key stakeholders’ roles and responsibilities. […]

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Applying Marketing Concepts to Chick-fil-a Inc.

A one page paper applying marking concepts to Chick-fil-a Inc. You will be using the following company sources (Chick-fil-a Inc.) to prepare report: -10-K Report -Annual Report -Web site The 10-K is an annual report that publicly-traded companies are required to submit to the SEC. It is a less pretty, more detailed version of the […]

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Research project #1 project 1: veem and blockchain technologies

Project 1: VEEM and Blockchain Technologies Transforming Global Marketing Due 11PM EST Friday Evening Session 2 Parts: 4-5 page paper & accompanied 8-12 slide power point. Paper: Must be APA format, 12 pt font, Times New Roman, with title page and references page. Minimum 2-3 references. Title page and References page do NOT count towards […]

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