Q1) Assume that TexCo is a widget producer. It prices TexCo $62 (components and labor) to fabricate every unit, and it incurs fastened overhead of $2.5 million per 12 months. If TexCo costs the widgets utilizing a 40% markup on value, what number of widgets should it promote yearly so as to break even? Present your work? Q2) Primarily based in your reply to #1, if TexCo truly sells 150,000 items this 12 months, what is going to its web revenue be? Present your work. Q3) Flip’s Flops, a small retailer situated in South Padre Island, purchases “Sea Turtle” model flip flops at a price of $12 per pair. If the supervisor costs the flip flops utilizing a 60% “markup on worth”, what's the promoting worth to shoppers? This fall) Assume that it's nearing the tip of the summer time, and the Flip’s Flops nonetheless has numerous “Sea Turtle” flip flops within the retailer. If the supervisor marks the worth of the flip flops down by 40%, what's the new promoting worth of this merchandise? Q5) Peaks is a snowboard producer, and is engaged on a brand new, high-end board to promote to retail shops. These boards can have a prompt retail worth of $749. If Peaks is aware of that these retailers worth their boards utilizing a 50% "markup on retail", and Peaks needs to have the ability to obtain a 60% "markup on value", what's the most that it might probably spend, per unit, to provide this board?÷≥