Make Sure You Have Read And Fully Understand Instructions Before Acceptance. essay
FIX-IT (REVISE THIS DRAFT) Revise this paragraph. The revised version should contain needed details (add examples, get rid of vague words), proper grammar, and accurate information. This paragraph is about ENG 011 and ENG 111. You can expect to learn a number of things in ENG 011. The purpose of the class is to provide support for you while you are also enrolled in ENG 111, and to spend time teaching the subskills we will need for the larger, high-stakes assignments in ENG 111. Grammar are a topic covered in ENG 011 because many times ENG 111 instructors will expect students to use proper grammar without any direct teaching. The topic of run-ons is covered in ENG 011, other grammar topics are also covered. Next, ENG 011 typically does activities that teach the rhetorical appeals. Summary writing be another big skill needed for ENG 111, and another popular topic in ENG 011. Summary writing is used a lot. Lastly, ENG 011 teaches students to improve their overall writing by emphasizing such things as paragraph structure, good details, use of third person, and replacement of vague words. At the end of the course, students typically agree they have worked very hard so they have also learned a lot. -research paper writing service