Machine Learning Classifier Using Weka essay
Part 1 — Add remaining knowledge file Part 2 — Enterprise/analysis questions 1. Utilizing BRFSS knowledge set, state the three enterprise or analysis questions that you've got tried to reply via your evaluation, and justify why they're attention-grabbing (300 phrases most) Part three — Processing the information 1. Describe the way you explored the information, why you probably did it that means, and what conclusions you drew about it (300 phrases most) 2. Describe the cleansing/fixing you probably did on the information, and why (300 phrases) Part four — Information evaluation three. Clarify what evaluation methods you used to reply your online business/analysis questions, and why (300 phrases most) four. Summarise the outcomes of your evaluation (300 phrases most) 5. What do the outcomes say in reply to your online business/analysis questions? (300 phrases most) 6. Describe essentially the most salient threats to validity that stay in your evaluation (300 phrases most) Part 5 — Coping with massive knowledge units 7. Describe how you could possibly symbolize the information in a relational database — give an acceptable schema, and describe a mechanism for changing it to an acceptable enter kind for WEKA (300 phrases most) eight. Describe a means that you could possibly use applicable applied sciences to unfold the load over a number of computer systems, and justify why this could be a great method (300 phrases most) Part 6 — Privateness 9. Record the three most salient privateness points associated to this evaluation, and provides methods you could possibly use to handle every of them (300 phrases most) Part 7 — Report references 10. Present a appropriately structured checklist of references to all of the assets used for this improvement and report (no phrase restrict) -research paper writing service