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 Overview and Immediate For Kate Chopin and Upton Sinclair, the American Dream is the dearth of capacity (or alternative) for an individual to make a life for him or herself via exhausting work and sacrifice. This, they appear to argue, is unattainable for a lot of ladies or immigrants on the flip of the 20 th century. Girls might not often personal property or take employment; poor immigrants change into trapped in cycles of poverty that didn't permit them to expertise actual freedom. If the promise of America is within the capacity to work folks to attain particular person success, how do ladies and working-class people have alternatives that didn't exist 100 years in the past?  Are there any present obstacles nonetheless ? Pointers Your preliminary response must be round 250 phrases. Your response to a classmates' dialogue must be round 100 phrases and add to the dialogue (i.e. posing questions, reflecting on their response, and many others.). All posts and responses ought to include correct grammar, be freed from spelling errors, be substantial, and replicate essential considering. Bear in mind: Be supportive, thoughtful, and constructive when replying to your classmates. Literature Project assist