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2 ESSAY Questions PLEASE INCLUDE AT LEAST ONE REFERENCE AND ONE IN-TEXT CITATION WHEN ANSWERING EACH ESSAY QUESTION. 1.  Summarize, clarify, and analyze the really useful steps (web page 391) for academics to take earlier than, throughout, and after a learn aloud. Please add your individual instance of how you've carried out read-aloud within the classroom or how you'll carry out read-aloud with younger youngsters in your future classroom as an instance these steps. Use at the very least one guide for example as an instance the steps (Chapter 13). 2. Assessment Desk 14.10 on pages 442 and 443 Serving to Youngsters Speak about Books. Summarize, clarify, and analyze this desk. Then choose 5 methods academics may also help youngsters internalize books and describe the way you do or might carry out every technique with one guide of your selection. (Half III). Chapter 13 and desk 14.10 are hooked up to this query, reference is (Johnson, D. (2012). The enjoyment of youngsters's literature. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Cengage Studying). Literature Task assist