Linux Operating System Questions
1. In a shell script, how will we point out the primary, second, and third command line arguments. How about all of them? three. How do you make an awk script executable inside a file? 1. Give a unix command for finding all recordsdata of a sure sort on the G: drive and copying them to C:myfiles. How would you depend what number of there are and record them? four. Give the command for writing a CD-ROM mounted on /dev/cdrom to a file in your house listing.5. Give a command that lists all directories within the current working listing (pwd). How would you modify it to record all character or block units in /dev? 6. Give a command that saves a listing of all recordsdata in your system. 7. Give a one line command that locates all situations of a sure string in a sure location. eight. Give a one line command that parses all phrases in a textual content file and offers the frequency of every. 9. Give a one line command that prints a listing of all customers listed in /and so on/passwd and nothing else. 10. Give a command for archiving all of the recordsdata in your house folder. How would you modify it to avoid wasting a compressed model? What's the command for extracting a compressed tar file? 11. Give a unix command for finding a phrase “sample” in a listing and all its sub-directories. 12. Write a bash script that does the next: prints the contents of /and so on/hosts and prints the contents of the file system desk. 13. Write a script that takes as enter a sample then kills all processes that fulfill the sample. 14. Utilizing awk, search for a sample and, if is discovered, prints the road containing it. How would you modify this to run an utility like notepad? 15. Create a symbolic hyperlink from your house listing to a different location