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Project 2: Letter to Freud

On this task you're to write down a letter to Sigmund Freud critiquing three of a very powerful ideas in his principle. You will have to incorporate no less than two dependable exterior sources in your critique of Freud’s ideas. Scholarly sources are most well-liked and might be discovered via AUO's Library.  Extra, non-scholarly sources from respected Internet and print sources are additionally acceptable. For respected Internet sources, search for .org, .web, or .edu websites versus .com websites. Please don't use Wikipedia.

The three ideas you'll be critiquing are the:


Psychosexual phases of improvement

Construction of character

Start your letter with a paragraph introducing your self.

Every of the three points ought to function a separate heading in your letter. Beneath every heading, embody no less than:

One substantive paragraph summarizing the idea clearly and totally as Freud may clarify it.

1-2 paragraphs,  critiquing the idea. Clarify what you suppose is legitimate or invalid about his understanding of this idea. You might be welcome to agree or disagree together with his views however it's important that you just try to usher in related and present analysis to substantiate your settlement or disagreement. This must be an goal critique of a few of Freud’s ideas versus merely an opinion paper.

Comply with this process for EACH of the three ideas talked about above.

Conclude your letter with a paragraph summarizing your key factors.

After finishing the letter, embody a paragraph or two explaining how Freud’s idea of the unconscious could be successfully utilized by a psychoanalytic therapist training right this moment. Clarify no less than two methods that could be used and the anticipated end result of those methods. 

Submit your response to the M2: Project 2 Dropbox by Wednesday, Could 20, 2015. Your paper must be no less than 1200 phrases in size, comply with APA model for attributing sources, and embody a reference web page.

Project 2 Grading Standards and Respective Level Worth



Offered an correct and detailed abstract of the three major ideas utilizing phrases that Freud would acknowledge and perceive.


Critiqued every of the three major ideas with no less than one substantive level of settlement or disagreement that's supported by present analysis.


Defined how Freud’s idea of the unconscious could be utilized in up to date remedy.


Recognized no less than two methods that would successfully be utilized in working with the unconscious together with the anticipated outcomes.


Wrote a paper within the type of a private letter to Freud, in a transparent, concise, and arranged method, maintained a constant voice, and demonstrated moral scholarship in correct illustration and attribution of sources, displayed correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.