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Task query George purchased a flat. His daughter Rose lives along with her husband Paul in a close-by home. The home was registered within the names of Paul and Rose as joint tenants. George usually went to their home for meals and so they helped him with jobs across the flat. George’s well being started to deteriorate and he offered his flat and moved into the home with Paul and Rose. George gave Paul the proceeds of sale of the flat and Paul used a part of the cash to construct an extension to the home for George’s occupation and a part of it to redeem the mortgage on the home. Rose died and Paul has advised George to go away the home and to seek out someplace else to dwell. (i) Advise the George as as to if he will probably be evicted. (35 marks) (ii) Would your reply be any totally different if the home was conveyed within the names of Paul and Rose as tenants-in-common and it transpired that Rose had named George as her sole beneficiary to the property in her will? (5 marks) Enterprise Legislation homework assist