Kaplan ACCT 503 Advanced Auditing Unit 5 Practice Exam Answers (28, 29)
Chapter 28 --Apply ExamMatching QuestionsMatch the next phrases with their definitions:A. PatentB. CopyrightC. Commerce secretsD. TrademarkE. Paris Conference 1. Protects the actual expression of an concept.2. Phrases enterprise makes use of to establish its merchandise.three. Extends patent safety abroad.four. Grants the inventor unique use of an invention.5. Compilation of data that might give its proprietor a bonus in enterprise.True/False QuestionsCircle true or false:1. T F After you have bought a CD and copied it onto your iPod, it's authorized to provide the CD to a buddy.2. T F A provisional patent lasts till the product is utilized in interstate commerce.three. T F Within the case of company, copyright safety lasts 120 years from the product’s creation.four. T F Underneath the truthful use doctrine, you have got the fitting to make a photocopy of this textbook for a classmate.5. T F The primary particular person to file the appliance is entitled a patent over another person who invented the product first.A number of-Alternative Questions1. To obtain a patent, an invention should meet all the following exams, besides:(a) It has not ever been used anyplace on this planet.(b) It's a new concept.(c) It has by no means been described in a publication.(d) It's nonobvious.(e) It's helpful.2. After the demise of Babe Ruth, one of the vital well-known baseball gamers of all time, his daughters registered the identify, “Babe Ruth” as a trademark. Which of the next makes use of can be authorized with out the daughters’ permission?I. Publication of a baseball calendar with images of Ruth.II. Gross sales of a “Babe Ruth” bat.III. Gross sales of Babe Ruth autographs.(a) Neither I, II, nor III.(b) Simply I.(c) Simply II.(d) Simply III.(e) I and III.three. To show a violation of copyright legislation, the plaintiff doesn't have to show that the infringer truly copied the work, however she does have to show:I. The merchandise has a © image on it.II. The infringer had entry to the unique.III. The 2 works are related.(a) I, II, and III.(b) II and III.(c) I and II.(d) I and III.(e) Neither I, II, nor III.four. Eric is a intelligent fellow who is aware of all about computer systems. He:I. Eliminated the author’s identify from an article he discovered on the Web and despatched it by way of e-mail to his lacrosse staff, telling them he wrote it.II. Discovered the right way to unscramble his roommate’s cable sign so they might watch cable on a second TV.III. Taught the remainder of his lacrosse staff the right way to unscramble cable alerts.Which of those actions is authorized underneath the Digital Millennium Copyright Act?(a) I, II, and III.(b) Neither I, II, nor III.(c) II and III.(d) Simply III.(e) Simply I.5. Which of the next objects can't be trademarked?(a) Coloration.(b) Image.(c) Phrase.(d) Surname.(e) Form.Chapter 29-- Apply ExamMatching QuestionsMatch the next phrases with their definitions:A. Easement.B. Constructive eviction.C. Adversarial possession.D. Fixture.E. Tenancy at will.F. Tenancy at sufferance. 1. Landlord’s substantial interference with a tenant’s use and delight of the premises.2. Provides one particular person the fitting to enter land belonging to a different and make a restricted use of it.three. Items which have turn into hooked up to actual property.four. A tenancy with out fastened length, which both occasion might terminate at any time.5. A technique of buying possession of land with out ever paying for it.6. Tenant stays on premises after expiration of true tenancyTrue/False QuestionsCircle true or false:1. T F If one joint tenant dies, his curiosity within the property passes to surviving joint tenants, to not his heirs.2. T F The federal authorities has the facility to take personal property for public use, however native governments haven't any such energy.three. T F A landlord may very well be responsible for a constructive eviction even when he by no means requested the tenant to depart.four. T F A nonrenewable lease of a retailer, for six months, establishes a tenancy for years.5. T F A landlord might cost a tenant for regular put on and tear on an condo, however the prices have to be affordable.A number of-Alternative Questions1. Fast, Onyx, and Nash have been deeded a chunk of land as tenants in widespread. The deed supplied that Fast owned one-half the property and Onyx and Nash owned one-quarter every. If Nash dies, the property will probably be owned as follows:(a) Fast 1?2, Onyx 1?2.(b) Fast 5?eight, Onyx three?eight.(c) Fast 1?three, Onyx 1?three, Nash’s heirs 1?three.(d) Fast 1?2, Onyx 1/four, Nash's heirs 1/42. Marta locations a big, prefabricated plastic greenhouse in her yard, with the metal body bolted into concrete that she poured specifically for that function. She attaches fuel heating ducts and builds a brick walkway across the greenhouse. Now the city needs to boost her actual property taxes, claiming that her property has been improved. Marta argues that the greenhouse is just not a part of the true property. Is it?(a) The greenhouse is just not a part of the true property as a result of it was prefabricated.(b) The greenhouse is just not a part of the true property as a result of it may very well be eliminated.(c) The greenhouse can't be a part of the true property if Marta owns a charge easy absolute.(d) The greenhouse is a fixture and is a part of the true property.(e) The greenhouse is an easement, and is a part of the true property.three. Which of the next types of tenancy will probably be created if a tenant stays in possession of leased premises with out the landlord’s consent, after the tenant’s one-year written lease expires?(a) Tenancy at will(b) Tenancy for years(c) Tenancy from interval to interval(d) Tenancy at sufferance4. A tenant renting an condo underneath a three-year written lease that doesn't comprise any particular restrictions could also be evicted for:(a) Counterfeiting cash within the condo(b) Holding a canine within the condo(c) Failing to keep up a legal responsibility insurance coverage coverage on the condo(d) Making structural repairs to the apartment5. Michael indicators a lease for an condo. The lease establishes a periodic tenancy for one yr, beginning September 1 and ending the next August 31. Hire is $800 per 30 days. As August 31 approaches, Michael decides he want to keep one other yr. He telephones the owner to inform him this, however the landlord is on vacation and Michael leaves a message. Michael sends within the September lease, however on September 15, the owner tells him the lease goes as much as $900 per 30 days. He provides Michael the selection of paying the upper lease or leaving. Michael refuses to depart and continues to ship checks for $800. The owner sues. Landlord will(a) Win possession of the condo as a result of the lease expired.(b) Win possession of the condo as a result of Michael didn't renew it in writing.(c) Win possession of the condo as a result of he has the fitting to evict Michael at any time, for any motive.(d) Win $1,200 (12 months occasions $100).(e) Lose.