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Query:Socrates claims that he's wiser than the opposite residents of Athens, though he's ignorant. Why does he declare this? How does his 'human knowledge' relate to his god-given mission? Socrates additionally claims that what he's doing is extremely helpful to the residents of Athens. Why does he consider this ? Consider both his declare that he's wiser than the opposite residents of Athens or that he significantly advantages the residents of Athens by questioning them as he does.Rubric:1. Journals should be saved in a Phrase doc and connected to the hyperlink beneath 2. Journals should be formatted in MLA model three. Every journal should be 600 - 800 phrases four. The journals should be a response to the immediate in regards to the assigned studying. The solutions should be analytical and insightful. 5. Do NOT summarize the story. 6. Every journal should be written in good grammar-research paper writing service