Joe’s Tuxedos has monthly fixed costs of $12,000
A number of Alternative Questions – QUIZ 3Select the very best reply for the next questions. Every query isworth 5 factors.Query 1 (5 factors)Joe's Tuxedos has month-to-month fastened prices of $12,000. The variable prices of gross sales are 60%. Whatis the break-even month-to-month gross sales income?Query 1 choices:A)B)C)D)$20,000$30,000$19,200$7,200Query 2 (5 factors)Delta Manufacturing has gross sales of $2,000,000 with direct supplies price of $400,000, directlabor of $280,000, variable overhead of $120,000, and glued prices of $300,000. What isDelta's contribution margin share?Query 2 choices:A)B)C)D)40%55%60%45%Query three (5 factors)If an organization has a 45% contribution margin ratio and has fastened prices of $250,000, how muchsales does it have to earn a gross revenue of $200,000?Query three choices:A)B)C)D)$1,000,000$555,556$818,182$652,500Query four (5 factors)Leisure Merchandise administration desires to make sure that every product makes a revenue. Thecompany produced a hammock that offered three,500 models at $80 per unit. The variable price ofproduction was $36 per unit. The fastened prices have been $110,000. What was the margin of security?Query four choices:A)B)C)D)$54,000$80,000$126,000$20,000Query 5 (5 factors)Sports activities Specialty Inc. produces a bicycle that it usually sells wholesale for $250 per bike.The variable prices of manufacturing are $160 and the fastened price for this product line is $154,000monthly. The corporate has been promoting this product at a fee of two,000 models monthly. Thecompany has obtained an order for 1,000 bikes at a value of $182 per bike. The order is to shipto a market the place the corporate has no enterprise, so it's believed it is not going to adversely affectexisting enterprise. The corporate has the capability to supply the particular order. How a lot willoperating revenue enhance if Sports activities Specialty accepts this order?Query 5 choices:A)B)C)D)enhance of $26,000enhance of $48,000lower of $55,000enhance of $22,000Query 6 (5 factors)Premier Manufacturing makes and distributes a wall clock that's standard with colleges andother establishments. Regular month-to-month gross sales are 2,500 clocks at a median sale value of $40 perclock. Manufacturing of every clock takes 15 minutes of direct labor and has materials prices of $14.The direct labor fee is $22 per hour, and overhead is utilized at a fee of $40 per direct laborhour. The overhead spending is 60% fastened and 40% variable prices. Premier has beenapproached by a provider providing to produce the entire clocks at a completed price of $25 perclock. Assume that every one fastened overhead would stay, however the variable overhead would beeliminated. What can be the change in month-to-month working earnings if Premier buys theclocks as a substitute of constructing them?Query 6 choices:A)B)C)D)enhance of $three,750lower of $three,750enhance of $11,250lower of $11,250Query 7 (5 factors)Roscoe Enterprises has gross sales for a three-month interval as follows: Could, $240,000; June,$280,000; July, $275,000. All gross sales are on account, and historical past has proven that accountsreceivable are sometimes collected 10% within the month of the sale, 60% within the month after thesale, and 30% two months after the sale. What are Roscoe's anticipated money collections in themonth of July?Query 7 choices:A)$267,500B)C)D)$172,000$275,000$280,000Query eight (5 factors)Mega Manufacturing has a price range to promote 100,000 models of a sure product at a promoting priceof $35 per unit. Variable prices for supplies, labor, and overhead are $18 per unit. Mounted price is$800,000. Precise gross sales have been 110,000 models, and administration wish to see actualmanufacturing efficiency in comparison with a price range adjusted for quantity (versatile price range).What can be the adjusted budgeted working revenue?Query eight choices:A)B)C)D)$1,870,000$900,000$1,zero70,000$990,000Query 9 (5 factors)An organization president desires the chief monetary officer to inform him what number of gross sales are requiredto make a $1,000,000 working revenue. Variable manufacturing prices are 70% of gross sales, and fixedcosts are $2,750,000. What are the required gross sales, rounded to the closest greenback?Query 9 choices:A)B)C)$eight,750,000$5,357,143$9,166,667D)$12,500,000Query 10 (5 factors)Prime Canine Firm has a price range with gross sales of 5,000 models and $three,200,000. Variable prices arebudgeted at $1,750,000, and glued overhead is budgeted at $900,000. What's the budgetedmanufacturing price per unit?Query 10 choices:A)B)C)D)$350$530$640$460Query 11 (5 factors)Zarena was reviewing the water invoice for her canine day care and spa and decided that herhighest invoice, $three,800, occurred in Could when she washed 400 canines and her lowest invoice, $2,400,occurred in November when she washed 200 canines. What was the variable price per dogassociated with Zarena’s water invoice?Query 11 choices:A) $6.00B) $12.00C) $9.50D) $7.00Query 12 (5 factors)Phan Firm offered 2,000 models in December at a value of $35 per unit. The variable price is$20 per unit. The month-to-month fastened prices are $10,000. What's the working earnings earned inDecember?Query 12 choices:A) $30,000B) $70,000C) $20,000D) $40,000Query 13 (5 factors)Vatsala sells hand-knit scarves on the flea market. Every scarf sells for $25.Vatsala pays $30 torent a merchandising house for sooner or later. The variable prices are $15 per scarf. What complete revenueamount does she have to earn to interrupt even?Query 13 choices:A) $85B) $75C) $50D) $100Query 14 (5 factors)Brielle Firm sells glass vases at a wholesale value of $2.50 per unit. The variable price ofmanufacture is $1.75 per unit. The month-to-month fastened prices are $7,500. Brielle’s present gross sales are25,000 models monthly. If Brielle desires to extend working earnings by 20%, how manyadditional models, should Brielle promote? (Spherical your intermediate calculations to 2 decimalplaces)Query 14 choices:A) 145,000 glass vasesB) 7,500 glass vasesC) 13,500 glass vasesD) three,000 glass vasesQuestion 15 (5 factors)Venkat Firm has supplied the next info relating to the 2 merchandise that itsells:Jet BoatsSki BoatsSales Worth per unit$8000$20000Variable Value per unit480014000Annual fastened prices are $280,000.What number of models have to be offered to ensure that Venkat to breakeven, assumingthat Venkat sells 5 jet boats for each two ski boats offered?Query 15 choices:A) 70 jet boats and 28 ski boatsB) 50 jet boats and 20 ski boatsC) 20 jet boats and 50 ski boatsD) 45 jet boats and 28 ski boatsQuestion 16 (5 factors)White Marsh Firm has ready the next gross sales price range:MonthBudgeted SalesMarch$200,000April180,000Could220,000June260,000Value of products offered is budgeted at 60% of gross sales and the stock at theend of February was $36,000. Desired stock ranges on the finish of eachmonth are 20% of the following month's price of products offered. What's thedesired starting stock on June 1?Query 16 choices:A) $52,000B) $26,400C) $43,200D) $31,200Query 17 (5 factors)EZ Financing Inc. has ready the working price range for the primary quarter of 2015. Theyforecast gross sales of $50,000 in January, $60,000 in February, and $70,000 in March. Variable andfixed bills are as follows:Variable: Energy price (40% of Gross sales)Miscellaneous bills: (5% of Gross sales)Mounted: Wage expense: $eight,000 per monthRent expense: $5,000 per monthDepreciation expense: $1,200 per monthPower price/fastened portion: $800 per monthMiscellaneous bills/fastened portion: $1,000 per monthCalculate complete promoting and administrative bills for the month ofJanuary.Query 17 choices:A) $38,500B) $47,500C) $41,700D) $43,000Query 18 (5 factors)Mumbai Inc. has ready the next purchases price range:MonthBudgeted PurchasesJUNE$67,000JULY72,500AUGUST76,300SEPTEMBER73,700OCTOBER69,200All purchases are paid for as follows: 10% within the month of buy,50% within the following month, and 40% two months after buy.Calculate complete money funds made in October for purchases.Query 18 choices:A) $72,630B) $70,680C) $70,520D) $74,290Query 19 (5 factors)Mumbai Inc. has ready the next purchases price range:MonthBudgeted PurchasesJUNE$67,000JULY72,500AUGUST76,300SEPTEMBER73,700OCTOBER69,200All purchases are paid for as follows: 10% within the month of buy,50% within the following month, and 40% two months after buy.Calculate steadiness of Accounts payable on the finish of October.Query 19 choices:A) $77,680B) $91,760C) $69,330D) $74,290Query 20 (5 factors)The budgeted manufacturing of Fells Level Inc. is eight,000 models. Every unitrequires 40 minutes of direct labor work to finish. The direct laborrate is $100 per hour. Calculate the budgeted price of direct labor for themonth.Query 20 choices:A) $533,333.33B) $500,000.00C) $566,666.66D) $633,333.33