Jiro Nozomi created a new travel agency, Adventure Travel
On April 1, 2013, Jiro Nozomi created a brand new journey company, Journey Journey. The next transactions occurred throughout the company’s first month.April 1 Nozomi invested $47,000 money and pc gear price $30,000 within the firm.2 The corporate rented furnished workplace house by paying $1,700 money for the primary month’s (April) lease.three The corporate bought $1,600 of workplace provides for money.10 The corporate paid $2,100 money for the premium on a 12-month insurance coverage coverage. Protection begins on April 11.14 The corporate paid $900 money for 2 weeks' salaries earned by workers.24 The corporate collected $10,000 money on commissions from airways on tickets obtained for purchasers.28 The corporate paid $900 money for 2 weeks' salaries earned by workers.29 The corporate paid $300 money for minor repairs to the corporate's pc.30 The corporate paid $1,350 money for this month's phone invoice.30 Nozomi withdrew $1,600 money from the corporate for private use.The corporate's chart of accounts follows:101 Money 405 Commissions Earned106 Accounts Receivable 612 Depreciation Expense—Laptop Equip.124 Workplace Provides 622 Salaries Expense128 Pay as you go Insurance coverage 637 Insurance coverage Expense167 Laptop Gear 640 Lease Expense168 Amassed Depreciation—Laptop Equip. 650 Workplace Provides Expense209 Salaries Payable 684 Repairs Expense301 J. Nozomi, Capital 688 Phone Expense302 J. Nozomi, Withdrawals 901 Revenue SummaryUse the next data:a. Two-thirds (or $117) of 1 month’s insurance coverage protection has expired.b. On the finish of the month, $700 of workplace provides are nonetheless out there.c. This month’s depreciation on the pc gear is $300.d. Staff earned $470 of unpaid and unrecorded salaries as of month-end.e. The corporate earned $2,400 of commissions that aren't but billed at month-end.6.Required:1. The final ledger and all the required accounts are supplied in Half 6.2. Publish all journal entries, adjusting entries and shutting entries to the overall ledger given in Half 6.22. Put together journal entries to file the transactions for April and submit them to the ledger accounts in Half 6.2. The corporate data pay as you go and unearned gadgets in stability sheet accounts.7.three. Utilizing account balances from half 6.2, put together an unadjusted trial stability as of April 30.eight.four. Journalize the adjusting entries for the month after which submit to part 6.2. (Don't spherical intermediate calculations.)9.5.1 Put together the revenue assertion for the month of April 30, 2013.5.2 Put together the assertion of proprietor's fairness for the month of April 30, 2013.5.three Put together the stability sheet at April 30, 2013.10.6.1 Put together journal entries to shut the non permanent accounts after which submit to part Publish the journal entries to the ledger.