International Business

Diversified in industries and electronics

Introduction Initially, Samsung started out as a small export business in Korea. It then diversified in industries and electronics. The company has been responsive to change and opportunity in global business brought by the digital era with its constant innovation and attractive, marketable products.1 As a result, Samsung is now positioned as one of the […]

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Production, consumption, and exporting of tea

QUESTION 1(i) Production, Consumption, and Exporting of tea Tea, like coffee is a typical favorable beverage among many. Tea is therefore produced in many countries. The annual world production of tea is about 2.9 million tones. Countries that have the most production of tea and largest tea plantation are China and India, followed by Kenya […]

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Impact of World Trade Organization (WTO) Policies

World trade organization (WTO): Introduction: World exchange transactions designed for understandings and settlements for exchange liberalization have been occurring persistently since 1986, with the initiation of the Uruguay Round of transactions in the schema of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), which turned into the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 1995. Since the […]

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International marketing management

Understanding the culture in a country or region in which we are doing business is a critical skill for the international business person. Without this knowledge, a successful outcome to the business venture can be in jeopardy. Culture is the quality in a person or society is regard to excellent in art, manners etc. Definition […]

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Foreign Direct Investment in Singapore

Chapter 1: Introduction Singapore was a commercial trading centre in the early 19th century and today it has since attained a remarkable transformation into one of the most globally integrated economies in the world, achieving total mechanism and service trading performing triple or more its gross national product and inward Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) stock […]

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