international business management
  1. Outline Hofstede’s 4 cultural dimensions. Use two international locations of your alternative and clarify how the cultural variations between them are mirrored within the norms and values that folks have (the way in which folks behave), and the way in which that administration practices are carried out.
  1. What's international direct funding (FDI)? Based mostly on Dunning’s OLI paradigm, what are the three benefits that may clarify the existence of FDI relative to exporting or licensing?
  1. Clarify and critically focus on the evolutionary mannequin of the multinational company (MNC) with an instance.
  1. What's market segmentation? What are the 2 important points that managers should pay attention to when contemplating market segmentation in international international locations? Clarify with examples.
  1. What are the three approaches of staffing insurance policies in worldwide enterprise? What are the primary benefits and drawbacks of them? When is every method acceptable?
  1. Checklist and describe four vital components which researchers and firmsfrequently point out as the most important causes of expatriate failure. Illustrate with examples.
  1. Why do managers behave unethically?
  1. What are the primary prices of international direct investments (FDI) regarding host international locations?
  1. Delimitate the which means of “economies of scale” and focus on the primary sources of economies of scale within the worldwide companies. Please embody additionally examples to clarify.
  1. Clarify the which means of and the primary arguments for “decentralization” within the organizational construction of the agency.
  1. What's staffing coverage for multinational companies? What are the primary sorts of staffing insurance policies? Focus on their execs and cons.